eTree Nevers

eTree, a completely independent solar energy harvesting unit designed as if it were a postmodern tree, has arrived in Europe, particularly in the French town of Nevers, where this newly “ planted ” solar tree will work as a charging unit, a provider of free wifi and night lighting, among other applications.


The invention, which aspires to become “Icon of technology and new symbol of smart cities”, is promoted by the Israeli startup Sol-logic, in collaboration with the French JCDecaux, and is distinguished by the replacement of tree leaves by solar panels with the capacity to produce 7Kw of energy per day, on average.

Halfway between the world of sculpture and that of avant-garde design, eTree was presented at the COP21 climate summit in Paris, in December 2015; where he was selected from among hundreds of applicants for placement at the international event in the French capital.

As you can see in the video, the solar tree works as a charging unit for mobile phones or tablets and is equipped with LCD screens to function as an information point for the community. In addition, the invention provides free internet connection and serves as night lighting.

eTree France

But the advantages of having eTree units go further, since this tree also aspires to become a point of meeting and coexistence, with which incorporates benches in the shade of the panels, in addition to functioning as a source of drinking water cool and as a trough for pets.

The Super Bowl Stadium in California, the city of Bethlehem, North Carolina or Manhattan, where the “ planting ” of this tree is underway, are some of the places that have bet on eTree which, created on the idea of ​​a common acacia genus in Israel, claims to be “Technological and ecological icon in the heart of cities”, according to Michael Lasry and Bernanrd Bitan, creators of this innovation.

With that tree that could revolutionize street furniture, It does not only aim to provide citizens with basic services, such as a point of rest or an internet connection, but also the objective of moving towards more human cities and towards populations more aware of the environment which , seeing and enjoying eTree, address concepts such as sustainability, ecology and the practice environment.


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