To build a bridge from a template, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you want. To make the job easier, there are 5 steps you can take to build a model mockup for a bridge and get the job done.


First: know the rules

You need to be very clear on what you want to achieve with the bridge project. If it will be a small, long and thick bridge, only ornamental or representing a time like the victorian bridges that we see in the photos accompanying this post.

Everything they want should be defined in their own words, so that they can achieve it successfully.

model-bridges-victorian-bridge-08-Jose Maria-Beltran

Second: design the bridge

To design a model bridge, you must be clear about the charging points. Then you can make your own model or choose a pre-made one.

It is advisable, at this stage, to draw the bridge project to scale, so that they can see the real situation and the dimension in which the bridge will be when completed.

model-bridges-victorian-bridge-14-Francisco Rodriguez

Third: Gather the materials

Before starting to work on the project, define a work area where they can be quiet, and collect the instruments to be used, in addition to the raw material to make the model, which is usually wood.

Fourth: Build the bridge

Building the bridge takes some expertise, that’s right, and for those who have to build their model from scratch and are a bit confused, this will be very useful. have a complete instruction manual. As soon as you are done building your bridge, evaluate it by tilting it, loading it, and moving it.

models-bridges-victorian-bridge-15-Francisco Gomez

Fifth: Test

As I said before, the evaluation stage is very important for check that the bridge remains firm in place all the time. Although this is a dummy bridge and not for actual use, the bridge should still be in good condition.

Tips for building a model bridge

model bridge

  • -When the model is going to be built in woodYou have to keep in mind that the humidity is quite large, therefore, this weighting effect should be considered in creating as it can seriously affect the overall weight problem.
  • -During the construction of the bridge, it is good that you always have your clean hands. It doesn’t matter what kind of material you create it with, but at any moment you can stain the material and make it very difficult to remove, which would not make it possible to have a clean and beautiful deck like you would. wish.
  • -Surely in your first few times you will not get a perfect bridge and you have to keep going test to finally get what you want and how you want it.
  • -As for the process of preparing the construction of the bridge model, you should take into account thatThe bridge will be built little by little, With what, it is normal that it seems to you at the beginning that you cannot give it the shape that you want. As you walk forward and see the whole pieces and placed in their places, you will achieve what you are able to create with them.
  • -At the time of the to the size, it’s good that you do this job twice. This means that you take a ruler and try to verify that the measurements you have taken are correct as wrong dimensions could ultimately mean that you cannot reach the expected time and get the desired bridge model.paper bridge model
  • -When you have finished building a bridge, make a small record the actions you have taken and the actions you have taken. This will help you if you want to do the same bridge again in the future or if you want to perfect your own technique.
  • -Always be very careful when using tools like scissors or a cutter cut because if you are not careful they could injure you.

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