Spine wood floors are a classic among the options for laying parquet floors or floors. I personally love them, they remind me of my son’s room, and I am happy to see that it is one of those styles that lives a new youth after a few years of neglect.

Its zigzag structure creates a decorative effect of great impact and elegance. There are not many styles of floors that end up playing such an important role in the decoration of a space.

Nordic influence

Wood in Nordic decor is essential. It is very difficult for me to think of a Nordic style house that does not have at least floors, exposed wooden furniture, etc.

In this style, colors and light woods predominate. This trend also prevailed in relation to herringbone soils. We are talking about laminated wooden floors and floors like oak, ash or pine, maintaining a very natural look … In some cases, shades that mix gray and white are used, and the more radical ones even paint.

herringbone laminate flooring

The installation of the Herringbone platform

Installing herringbone decks is a little more complex than normal of parallel tables. Although the most common is to fix the floor or parquet to the basement with adhesives and / or glues, floating installations are increasingly found.

The process is slow mainly due to the high number of cuts and their complexity, and the reduced dimensions of the parts. although the current trend is towards a longer and wider lath than it was traditionally used.

The guides or anchors are different. Some pieces must come prepared to the left and others to the right. Multilayer coating is the most used option today. Installation with solid wood parquet, despite being an option for life, is not so common anymore.

It is not an amateur installation type. If you are looking for a good result, a perfect herringbone parquet should use real professionals.

Types of Herringbone Parquet Facilities

herringbone types
  • Traditional.
  • Double.
  • French. More complex installation and also with higher price. The pieces are cut squarely.

Choose installation direction

In the face of such an installation, the start and direction of the herringbone deck are essential and will determine the quality of the work. Manufacturers often recommend install towards the main light entrance, but there are many professionals who prefer to choose the direction depending on length. In other words, towards the longest section parallel to the wall.

Ideally, both criteria match, although this is not always the case. If we find ourselves in this dilemma, we will have to evaluate both options and decide.

Laminate and vinyl floor with spine pattern

As we have mentioned on several occasions, with laminate floors you can achieve almost any project you can imagine. It is one of the great advantages of this material. And herringbone laminate floors are no exception.

Many manufacturers have incorporated this style into their catalogs in recent years. The appearance of oak predominates clearly, although with important differences in shade.

It is also possible to find herringbone vinyl floors, which in addition to surprising, seems like a contradiction. Thanks to this, the desired style, the benefits and advantages of vinyl floors are achieved, among which the resistance to humidity stands out.

Installation in this case is not more complex than normal. The pieces are stamped and prepared to fit through the click system, without changing the size of the blades or the design implies further difficulty.