Halloween has probably become the most popular holiday of the year around the world. A festival of Nordic origin exported to the United States, from where it gained all its popularity. Every year more people decide celebrate halloween. As we all know, this is a party where the point is to be very scary. Who knows if what we might get in return will be candy or just having fun with our people. Either way, it’s always good to have some tips when preparing for such an event.

Therefore, at WoodMe we want to offer you an article where you can learn how to do fake wounds for halloween. We will teach you how to do different types of wounds, especially on the face (where they shine the most). But also for the rest of the body, arms and legs included. Hope in this case you become the terror of the party.

False injuries

False injuries are a great way to spread fear around us. Who has never scared their poor grandmother with one of these false head injuries? The result is certainly very good and realistic if we do it right. Of course, fake injuries are one of the most useful resources in preparing a disguise with terrifying patterns. For those of you who think the ghost ball and chain and leaf are the most spiritual, here are some tips to keep everyone with their mouths open this Halloween.

For sham wound preparation we have two options. We can go to a store specializing in costumes. You probably have one on hand where you can find all kinds of costumes and makeup. the Halloween makeup It is something special because it usually contains plastic compounds which recreate the skin. This is about getting sensations such as open flesh, shreds or sutures. If you still don’t have a specialty store nearby, fear not. In WoodMe we give you the guidelines to be able to do your own false injuries at home. Need a base of your skin color, lipstick, “purple blood”, glue, powders and blood color liquid. Likewise, a brush will be useful for mixing colors. It will also be good to have black to give a feeling of depth.

Fake facial injuries

The fake wounds on the face are the most visible in our costume. There are many alternatives as we have said. The options most often used by people are those that recreate rotten meat. This is because the disguise of undead or zombie it is one of the most requested. With a white makeup base to make it look dead, these fake wounds on the undead face are often painted in dark colors to make it look like it’s just as rotten or dried blood. You should know that depending on the type of false wound you want to recreate, the colors will be different. If we want to give the feeling of gangrene fabric, green and yellow tones are the best option.

On the contrary, if we want to recreate an open and recently sewn wound, it is more interesting that the blood is not the protagonist, but rather the thread that surrounds it.

Fake injuries easy to do

Where we are going to make the wound, we will put glue (glue type). With toilet paperWe will gradually put pieces of paper to cover the surface where our wound will go. With our brush, we will gently flatten. Depending on the desired thickness, we will clean to remove the excess. After that, we will wait for the paper to dry. We can let it air dry or use a hair dryer to make it dry faster. It should be dry, not hard, so don’t expect too much either.

To this dry paste we will apply the makeup base the same tone as our skin. On it, we will apply the powder to bring greater realism by blurring it. This is where we should use the purple powder. This will create an effect similar to that of an infected wound. It’s time to make the main cleft of our wound. For this we will be very careful not to get into the dough and hurt ourselves, of course. Here we can include any option: a claw, stab or impact wound, depending on taste. We will therefore make a hole as we want in the pasta.

At the edge of what would be our wound, we will paint it black, where our skin meets the paste. This would be the bottom of the wound and therefore the black will give it depth by blurring it. On the hole we made, we will shed our “blood”. It is good to let it overflow outside the wound to give the sensation of bleeding.

With a small sponge we will give touches of blood on the outside of the paste, around the bloody groove of the wound. Now we will have a similar appearance to raw meat. It’s really scary! In addition, we can add safety pins to our wound to give the impression that a butcher’s surgeon has tried to reconstruct it.

Halloween fake injuries

We hope this article has helped you and gave you some ideas for next Halloween. All of these initiatives are good to share with the whole family. Halloween is above all a very fun holiday for children. They will be delighted if, with the advice we have given you, we make them a fake wound on the face or on any part of the body. They will be speechless and the center of attention of adults and children.

One way to make our false injuries stand out more is by placing them in places of usual movement. For example, the neck is a very good site. Indeed, with the movement of our own muscles, the wound will change from one position to another and thus help to give more realism to all our work. It will literally appear that the flesh opens up and the flap surrounding the wound moves with us.

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