Felt crafts are beautiful and so easy to make. Do you want to know how to do felt apples? With small pieces of red felt and different colors, you can make beautiful apples by following the instructions you are about to read. You need pieces of felt to make several apples. If you want them red, separate red felt and if you want your apples to be green, separate a piece of green felt.


And if you want to make your apples more creative, you can make them with felt of another color. For your apples you will need some filler: can be moss rubbersmall pieces cut fabric or the pillow filling. To decorate your apples you need embroidery thread And, of course, a needle, scissors, an apple mold and cardboard. Once the mold is printed, you will cut it and trace its outline on the felt you have chosen. Then cut out the outline of the felt. Join the felt apple pieces inside out and start sewing them, leaving a gap from the raw edge to place the filling. Once all of the filling is in place, complete the seam to complete the seam. You then sew by hand the leaf and the stem that you cut out of the felt.

Felt crafts

You have just learned one of the easy felt crafts, so you already know how to handle this material which is the best you can use as a fabric because do not fray. Therefore, surely you will be encouraged to do other crafts such as, for example, a new one for your baby or your friend’s baby, offer him this craft that you made. In this case, to make the cloud with felt, you need a piece of white felt, a little pink or light blue felt to make the heart, choose the color depending on whether it is a baby boy or girl . Separate several pieces of felt of different colors to make the drops.

Finally, you will need as materials, filling, needle and thick thread of White color. Draw a cloud with the desired shape on a paper. The drawing will be your model. Lay the template on the white felt and mark around the edges. Repeat this same step on another piece of white felt. When you are done, cut out the outlines of the two images. Sew the two pieces together with a scallop, leaving space to fill the cloud. Place the padding inside the sewn pieces. Finish closing the entire seam.

How to Make Felt Apples – Materials

Other felt crafts you can make easy are the flowers, for which you will choose several colors of felt in small pieces. If you want to give volume to the flowers, you can fill them with a little cotton, otherwise you can make your flowers flat and they will also look beautiful.

How to make felt apples

Cut the leaves and flower petals out of the felt in the desired color. Then paint a little skewers with green acrylic paint to simulate the flower stem. After the sticks are dry, secure the flowers with hot adhesive or a glue stick. When Valentine’s Day is approaching and you don’t know what to give, consider a felt heart as another easy craft. To do this, you will need three pieces of felt in different colors.

Glue, glitter, scissors, bow and chalk. You can print out a heart template or create your own by folding a sheet of paper and then tracing the middle of the heart. When you cut it out and open the fold, you will see a perfect paper heart formed. Trace the outline of the paper heart on each of the three pieces of felt in different colors using chalk. Use fabric glue or liquid to glue the pieces together in the center. Use the bow and sequins to decorate the heart as desired.

How to make felt apples – steps

Now, I will show you the steps to make felt apples, because surely you want to have multiple apples under the decoration of your kitchen or dining room, since you can place them inside a fountain as a centerpiece.

How to make felt apples

But for this you need to follow these steps to make felt apples. You already know that, since they will be part of a decoration, you can make your apples with other types of materials. The green needle and embroidery floss are essential, but you will also need the needle to be tall, so you will use green and red merino wool. Take the red merino wool and make a ball of yarn with your hands and soak the ball with liquid soap. Put a jet of hot water on the ball you have in your hands and shape it into an apple then once you are satisfied with the shape pour a stream of cold water over it. Thread the needle through the green thread and pass through the ball. With the green wool, form a leaf then sew it on the red ball which ended up forming the apple. In this simple way you have created new felt apples to decorate your home.

Video showing how to make felt apples

As you may have noticed, the video on how to make felt apples is not necessary for you because although you can find a lot of them on the web, working with felt is the easiest for you, especially if you are beginner in crafts. Even with all the explanations you just read today, you have everything you need in terms of materials, which of course are different depending on what finish you want for your apples. And also according to these materials you have known the step by step to be able to guide you in your work until your craft is perfect and place several felt apples made by you in the decoration of your house and show them to your guests.

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