Felt is one of the most versatile items in the world crafts and decoration. You can find it in any color you want, very vivid or soft tones, and it has great versatility, being able to use one color or by combining two or more to create original prints. Today we will offer you ideas for using felt in the cushion decoration.


Felt cushions – ideas of felt cushions and pillows

Then we will show you some ideas, with their respective tutorials, to make original and beautiful creations felt cushion decorations. But first, these will be the materials and tools that you will need by your side:

  • Plain printed cushion.
  • Markers in one or more colors of your choice.
  • Silicone gun with charge.
  • Scissors that cut well for fabric.
  • Pencil or paint to mark the fabric.
  • Geometry tools (compass, ruler, etc.)
  • Cardstock or paper.

Do you have everything? So go ahead, put your creativity at the service of these good ideas to give a colorful touch to a sofa, a bed or, in fact, any corner of your home.


Felt cushions – Flowers

Decorating a cushion with flowers is a lovely way to give it color and life, with a colorful and cheerful design. In addition, it is not very complicated.

The first step to making this design idea a reality is to take our felt tip pen and draw two circles, one a little bigger than the previous one. The we cut them out and use them as a template to get as many equal circles. When we have them all, we’ll have to cut them in half to get lots of semicircles. The total amount will depend on the size of the flower we want to make. These will be the petals of the flower.

Next, we take the fabric from our cushion (after removing it from the padding) and draw a circle where we want to put the flower, using a fabric pencil. The size of the circle will be the full size of the flower. So it’s time to use the glue gun on the line we have drawn. Apply silicone and hang one of the larger semi-circles on the right side. Repeat until you cover the entire line. Now it’s time to make a second row of big semicircles also, overlap it a bit with the first. Once you’ve made a few rows with the big ones – the amount depends on the size of your flower – move on to the small semicircles and keep doing the same until everything is covered. Finally, cut out a small circle of felt and glue it in the center to cover the edges.

Any other ideas? Instead of semicirclesYou can cut out the “petals” with other shapes like hearts or spikes. You can also cut out the felt petals in different colors and alternate them when gluing them to the flower.

Felt cushions – Shapes

The problem with floral decoration is that it can give a very voluminous result and it is also complex to do. If you are not that smart, but still want to decorate your cushions with felt, this second idea will come in handy.

The concept is simple, it simply consists of cover the cushion with pieces of felt with geometric shapes. Be it circles, squares or triangles; or, if we want to do something more elaborate, it can also be rhombuses, hexagons, or combinations of different shapes.


The first thing will be to make the model of our shape, as an example we will use a circle but you can use any other geometric figure or shape as we have already said. To make the model, we will only need a cardboard, on which we will draw and cut out the shape. As we want to make a circular decoration, We will use a compass to make the drawing perfect; although if you don’t have one, a glass or other circular item can be used. This is important, because as our model will be, all the circles and shapes that will decorate the cushion will come out of this drawing; and it would be very ugly if it were wrapped in distorted circles. So take your time to create the template. Oh, and another thing that also needs to be considered is the size of our shapes compared to the size of the cushion.

With our circle already decided, cut out the cardboard and place it on one of the markers. It only remains to use the template to draw, with the pencil to mark the fabrics, as many circles as we need for our drawing. Then we will eliminate them as well. The best way to calculate how much it will take is to remove the padding from our cushion and put the felt on it, so that we can see more or less how much it will take.

We have already cut out our felt circles, it remains only to glue them on the fabric. For this we will use the silicone gun. Don’t panic if it’s your first time using it, it’s pretty easy to maneuver. You just gotta go distribute the silicone in horizontal lines, throughout what we want to cover with our felt shapes. Start near one of the edges, draw a line and start placing the circles, next to each other, with no spaces but also no overlaps. We will place the second line of silicone just below the circles that we have glued. This way the new row of felt circles will overlap the old one a bit. Ideally, it should go at least halfway. Repeat the process until all of the fabric is covered. And, if you wish, repeat the process with the opposite side. Although usually covering only one side is more than enough.

If you don’t want to cover the whole cushion, or if you don’t have enough felt for it, you can also glue your shapes here and there or just in a corner. For this you can make silicone dots where you will stick a shape. Of course, it is recommended that you be very clear about the design you want to create before you start gluing.

When you have everything glued together, just wait for it to dry and that’s it!

Felt cushions – With light

Lightweight felt cushions

Making felt cushions as we explained with the two interior ideas is something simple, but it is also easy to try this other idea, with light.

For this we will need two pieces of felt of the same color, measuring approximately 60 × 40 cm. Once you have the felt, draw a pattern on a large star shaped paper.

When you made your model, you need to bring it to one of the felt sheets and draw it on it. Then cut out. Repeat the process with the other sheet of felt.

Now Take a zipper that you can buy at any haberdashery store and mark its length on the felt.

Cut the zipper line that you marked, but never cut, the ends of the star you formed on the felt.

Unzip it, flip it over and paste it on the line you cut. If you turn the felt now you will see that along this line you can open the zipper.

Place the other piece of felt and start gluing the edges with hot silicone. In case you want to sew it, you can also do it without problem.

Now we turn the cushion and put it on its feet. The next step will be to fill the cushion with stuffing.

Then, you can cut other pieces of felt in another color, so that you can make a face for your pillow with them and stick it with silicone.

For the internal light, you need to take a small battery-powered lamp that turns on and off when pressed by hand. Just place it in the center of the cushion between the filling. Now close the cushion and you can now enjoy a cushion that the kids are sure to enjoy.

Felt cushions – Heart shaped

Cushions with felt heart

We have already seen how to make a felt cushion with shapes, but in a special way we also want to tell you how to make a felt cushion in the shape of a heart. A cushion that we see in the image above and that will serve you for a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, and also for celebrations like a birthday, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.

To make that kind of cushion just You are going to need two pieces of felt equal to the above mentioned measures of 60 × 40 cm. Cut out the felt in the shape of a heart and glue it with silicone or sew it, leaving one side open in both cases.

Then, You need to turn the cushion over and fill it with cushion. When you have it of the desired thickness, you need to completely close the cushion.

Now alone We will have to decorate the pillow in the shape of a heart so that it has a much more personal style.

If you want to do it like the photo, You will need a piece of fabric with polka dots as well as lace. Cut the piece of fabric into a small heart shape or half heart shape and sew it to one side of your pillow. You can also sew it with silicone.

As for the lace, you cut it as you like and glue it on the other side of the cushion or if you prefer, you sew it.

In this simple way You can make a cute heart-shaped felt pillow, which you can actually do the same with any other shape.

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