Organizing a communion takes a great effort. For this reason, today we will teach you First Communion invitations and cards made with recycled materials. A simple way to be original in the celebration, and with the option that the celebration budget does not get out of hand.

And is that any money you can save on your little one’s First Communion will be a triumph. Over the years, First Communion has become a kind of pre-wedding in which more and more people are invited and the menu grows bigger and bigger. Therefore, these First Communion invitations and cards made with recycled materials it will be an economic relief which in some cases can save you up to 10 euros per unit.

First Communion invitations and cards made with recycled materials

First Communion, like weddings, is increasingly ceremonial. People expect you to follow protocol to the letter, not thinking the protocol is worth the money. So, the ability to design first communion invitations and cards from recycled materials will not only be cheaper, but it will also be luxurious because it is made by yourself. And if he helps you make him your little one, you’ll foster your relationship with him and help him develop his abilities.

Boy’s invitation and first communion cards made from recycled materials

In the case of boys’ first communion invitations and cards made from recycled materials, as usual, blue will be the prevailing color. However, this is not mandatory. Neither does the sailor suit, but it is used in most of the children’s first communions.

Printed invitation

To make this invitation, you don’t need too much complication. Of course, it is essential that you have a computer and a printer, or at least the computer. You can always take it to a print shop.

Create your most personal invitations:

The reason for the invitation is indicative, as you can give it any shape you prefer. Triangular, square, even round, anything goes for invitations and first communion cards for children made from recycled materials.

Once you have the template, look for an app that converts photos to cartoons, it will give a childish and fun touch to the invitation. Some of the simplest are MyCartoon, ToonCamera or Manga Comics.

Take a photo of your little one in a First Communion attitude. In other words, with the crucifix in hand, with the crossed hands or with church in which the first communion background is celebrated. Convert it to cartoon mode and insert it into the design. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

All you have to do is highlight the date, time and place of the party under the name of the child. And you already have your boys’ first communion invitations and cards made with recycled materials. The quality of the paper depends on what you want or have in your home, but the most recommended is cardboard.

Gift invitation

If you prefer your recycled material boys first communion invitations and cards to look a little more striking, you have the following option. Although it may sound, it is not much more expensive than the previous one.

¿What you need?

  • Little pot
  • Candle
  • Sand or small stones
  • Skewer-sized chopsticks
  • Cardstock (5 x 5 cm)
  • Tempera

As easy as taking the jar and decorating it to your child’s taste. Their is that it takes a detail of the First CommunionBut if you like cars, some will need to be drawn. You fill the pot with sand or stones and place the candle between them. Then you glue the card stock onto the skewer sticks. Previously, you will have put the place, date and time of the celebration of First Communion. So you will have killed two birds with one stone: invitation and souvenir.

Girls’ first communion invitations and cards made with recycled materials

In the case of Girls’ first communion invitations and cards made with recycled materials, they always tend to be a little more elegant. Unsurprisingly, they go to church dressed as princesses.

Printed invitation

If you opt for girls’ first communion invitations and cards made from recycled materials, once again all you need is a computer to design them. However, you can give it a distinctive point with a simple bow at the top.

The rest of the invitation, as in the case of children, you can do by converting a photo of him to a cartoon and putting the First Communion information on it.

Printed invitation

If you want girls’ first communion invitations and cards made from recycled materials to be inexpensive but at the same time unforgettable, you can do that too.

¿What do you need?

  • Cardstock (15 x 10 cm)
  • Pink ribbon
  • Plastic rosaries
  • Glue

On the cardboard, as in previous invitations and First Communion cards for girls made from recycled materials, we will note the name of the little one and the relevant data of the celebration. Once we print it, the invitation personalization process begins.

To start, take the pink ribbon and tie small knots that you will put in the upper left part. You can accompany the knots with a pink trim, but it will be a little more expensive. Previously, you will have bought the plastic rosaries which will be placed in the knot of the bow, in memory of the first communion.

Consider that you can give a rosary for each family that attends your daughter’s first communion, not one per person, so that girls’ first communion invitations and cards made with recycled materials will be cheaper than they are. would not have ordered them.

How to make communion invitations out of cardboard

communion invitations3

To make homemade communion invitations you don’t have to invest a lot of money. Just buy materials as common and inexpensive as cardboard, the old one from when we were in school. With colored pencils, cardboard you can reuse from cookie or cereal boxes, scissors, and white glue or glue, you can do real wonders.

Regarding colors, each person has their own tastes, although it is true that light colors and pastel tones are better for this type of event. Take a folio size card and cut it in half. Then cut the two parts again to get four cards.

Look for an image of an angel or other figure in sync with the event. Using tracing paper, trace the figure on thin cardboard. This silhouette will serve as a template to capture the figure on a white card. You take care of the coloring.

In another cardboard, create another model with the name of the child. Outline the letters with a utility knife. Later we color the letters on the card.

We can also draw circular dies on the cardboard. Then, with the white glue, we glue each figure on the card in the order that we see the most suitable.

In this first batch, we got 4 cards (4 for each folio size card). It will be a matter of repeating the operation until we receive as many invitations as necessary.

How to make communion invitations with watercolors

Make communion invitations with watercolors it’s fun and easy. You will need watercolor paper, watercolors, paintbrushes, palettes, and a pair of scissors, utility knife, or wedge cutter.

The first step is to take the watercolors and paint the sheet of paper with them. Make sure it is A4 size i.e. folio size. You have to paint them on both sides.

You will need to prepare the text that you want your invitations to carry. Do it in words, including the child’s name, the date of communion, and a phrase referring to the event. This text should be printed. Remember that the watercolor sheet must fit in the printer because you need to print the text.

If you have a personal stamp, the invitation will be much more beautiful and personalized. Although it is not essential.

Once the invitation is complete, you can laminate it or take it to the printer for processing. And finally, you can cut the corners and round them to make the card more beautiful.

How to Make Communion Invitations with Eva Rubber


The eva rubber It is a fashionable material for making crafts, and also offers us a good alternative when creating communion invitations, wedding and other events. Eva rubber allows us to make dolls, so we can give free rein to our imagination and invent angels or figures related to the first communion to cut them and give them shapes.

Use the eva rubber in the color you like and the cardboard also to taste to serve as a template and to glue the parts. Since we are going to draw the figure on the rubber foam and we will glue it on the cardboard, creating relief. Also use acrylic paints, inks or markers to blur the edges.

You can search online for character and invitation ideas to create your most original cards.

Communion invitations to download for free

If you certainly don’t have a lot of time or consider yourself to be a very cunning person, you can directly download your invitations from the Internet.

to exist online programs to design your invitations for free. Or you can search any internet search engine for invitations and you will find pages from which you can download them for free. For example, you can design them yourself with

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