first solar power plant in history

In 1913 Frank shuman integrated Meadi, 25 km from Cairo, which can be considered the first floor of parabolic channel History.

This American engineer installed 5 troughs with parabolic mirrors arranged in semi-circular structures to follow the path of the sun. Each trough measures on average about 60 meters. With this solar irradiation, the water reaches the focal line of the mirrors almost to the boiling point. The steam produced was used to power the low pressure steam engines which produced the equivalent of 41.03 KW. These machines, in turn, pumped water from the Nile to farm fields, about 6,000 gallons per minute, which equates to 22,711.68 liters per minute, if I’m not mistaken in the conversion.


This solar energy installation by Frank Shuman was the predecessor of current solar installations in California, from which it differs only in that it directly generates electrical energy. Shuman’s facilities in Egypt were destroyed during World War I and were not rebuilt after the war.