The variety of design and colors of floating floors has not stopped growing over the past decade. They are not bound to imitate all types of wood. Today we can find imitations of tiles, mosaics, cements, stones …

Within the world of decoration there are a series of concepts that we will apply in this case to the floors and the following recommendations. With them, we hope to help you find the combination of colors and laminate flooring you are looking for.

Different types of floating and laminate floor?

When we talk about floating installation, we mean that it is not fixed to the subsoil by means of adhesives or nails. In no time for a specific type of floor.

There are different types of floors that can be installed in this way. The main ones are:

  • Wooden platform. Solid and multilayer. In this case, it will be the wood used that will mark the style.
  • Laminate floors. Composed of different pressed layers, the outer layer being a melamine paper printed with any design you can imagine.
  • Vinyl floors with click system. As with laminate floors, the possibilities for designs and colors are all imaginable.

How to choose floating floor colors

White and beige

light laminate flooring

The light colors favor the brightness of a room and the feeling of space or spaciousness. Its use is timeless, it is one of those options that will hardly go out of style.


laminate flooring shades

Gray laminate floors are fashionable. They bring elegance and neutrality. They stopped being a great option for companies and / or stores and started to be installed in all types of housing.

Most designs are based on wood in which the color has been changed and its grain has been retained. Cements and metals have an increasing presence.

Natural style woods

laminate flooring colors

When we talk about this type of wood, it comes mainly to remember the appearance of pine or oak and associate it with rustic environments.

True, it can be used in rustic environments, but the trend is different. Rustic-looking laminate floor designs are used in modern environments. The result is a contrast really striking and current.

The natural colors are maintained to a large extent and even irregularities in grains, knots, etc.

Dark woods

dark laminate flooring

Dark woods are synonymous with style and elegance. Ideal for rooms or offices where heat is sought. The preferred options are usually walnut, cherry or sapelli among others.

The combination of woods such as walnut with light or beige walls is always a great option.


laminate tile

To adapt to all styles, manufacturers of laminate flooring and flooring have made the leap and also offer designs that imitate tiles and / or ceramics.

Some examples of colors or designs are the hydraulic tiles that are in fashion lately in kitchens, terracotta, etc.


cement laminate flooring

Microcement or polished concrete floors are a trend in minimalist and industrial environments. Not many manufacturers offer these colors for laminate floors yet, although more and more.