Italian architects from Studio Carlo Ratti Associati designed a floating gym powered by human energy. Designed for sailing on the Seine, powered by a revolutionary system called TechnogymQUE ARTIS, which uses the energy generated by fitness enthusiasts when they exercise.

The design is like a transparent glass bubble inspired by the classic Bateaux Mouches ferries that have taken tourists on the Seine since the beginning of the 20th century. Fruit of the collaboration between Technogym, Terreform ONE and URBEM, the design of the floating gym is adapted to use the ARTIS bicycles and cross trainers, which will generate the energy necessary to move the boat. A 20 meter long boat with a capacity of 45 people. At night, the boat can even be used for parties and celebrations.

As an additional source of energy, the upper part will be covered with solar panels.

The augmented reality screens installed on the ship will show users both the amount of energy they produce and data on the environmental conditions of the Seine, monitored in real time thanks to the sensors integrated into the ship and the monitoring equipment. . training.

Carlo Ratti, founding partner of Carlo Ratti Associati commented: “The Paris Navigator Gym is a research laboratory on the possibility of harnessing human energy. It is fascinating to see how the energy generated from a workout in the gym can really help propel a boat. It offers a tangible experience of the often abstract definition of “electrical energy”.

+ Information: Carlo Ratti Associati.

Images via Carlo Ratti Associati.