The wedding season has gone from a peak four months to a year-round celebration. Or maybe weddings aren’t celebrated in mid-August or a few days after Christmas? What hasn’t changed is going perfectly to a wedding, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. For this reason we want to tell you how to wear flower headbands: for girlfriend, parties and hairstyles.

Regardless of the time of year, it is more and more common to organize outdoor events. More precisely, open gardens in tune with nature. This is where this accessory fits in wonderfully, giving an informal touch to the hairstyle but complementing your look perfectly. Of course you should know how to wear flower headbands: for girlfriend, parties and hairstyles.

Casual flower headbands

And is lThere are many ways to wear flower headbands, and they depend on each individual’s hair type and style. For this reason, we have also compiled a series of ideas that will inspire and help you to choose how you would like to wear this ornament. By the way, we tell you how to wear flower headbands: for girlfriend, parties and hairstyles.

How to wear a floral headband

Thinking of how to wear flower headbands you have to consider what kind of headband do we like. In general, we can say that there is three types of flower headbands and we will tell you how to wear each of them.

Large flower headbands

the large flower headbands It is they who occupy almost the entire forehead and assume the absolute prominence of the gaze. Since they are very striking on their own, the recommendation is to select neutral or soft colors.

Flower headbands for girls

Small flower headbands

On the other hand, there is small flower headbands. In this case, the supplement is discreet and concealed. They serve to complete the look and are a complement to the makeup or the dress we wear, but they are not the center of attention of the look.

Golden flower headbands

Side bands

Finally, the side bands These are the ones who do not wear flowers around the entire circumference of the head, but only in one area. By focusing the attention on a single point, these types of headbands play with both large and small flowers. Also, they are generally in keeping with the style of the dress.

Side flower headbands

How to wear a flower headband for brides

Anyone who thinks flower headbands are only for guests, is that it has been a while since they went to a wedding. VSEach time it is more common to find brides with flower crowns or headbands on your special day. They are the perfect complement for brides who want a country and informal style, far from the more classic styles. That said, we tell you how to wear a flower headband for the bride

Most of the time, brides go for the classic: small white flower headbands. It is a complement that adapts perfectly to all types of hairstyle and dress, in addition to giving a natural and fresh air to the whole.

Bridal Flower Headbands

Another discreet and elegant option are the painted dried flower headbands. You can find them in many bridal stores and they are ideal. The normal thing is for the color bath to be gold or silver, although there is always the option of customizing the color to suit the bride’s preference.

And since there are also brides who do not want to give up the veil or the headband, there is the possibility of combining the two accessories. In this case, a flower headband with veil patchwork. The finish obtained is original, striking and very elegant. Without a doubt, a way to surprise your wedding day, without losing elegance.

How to wear a flower headband for the holidays

Obviously, we are not going to give the honor of wearing a flower headband only to the bride. He would miss more. If you are going as a guest to a wedding, an event or, quite simply, you want to go ideally, we will tell you how to wear a flower headband for the holidays. And is that the options offered by this add-on are almost endless. As far as the imagination of the wearer reaches.

  • Color – On the one hand, you can opt for bright or neutral colors. In the end, this point will depend on the dress and the style you have chosen for the occasion.
  • ¿Only flowers? – If we put flowers on our heads, what’s the problem with putting branches and leaves too? It would be a complement to the supplement which, yes, would harm the flowers. It’s a complicated decision
  • materials complementary – Whether we put leaves or branches on it, the flower headbands can come with countless beads. From fabric, to pearls, to sequins, anything that helps to enhance the ensemble is always welcomed in a floral headband.

Guest Flower Headbands

As a tip, if this is your first time wearing headbands, we recommend ask your hairdresser or hairdresser and to advise you when choosing. Also, if you know the hairstyle or bun you are going to wear, it will be even easier to choose the ideal adornments. You even have the option to park the flower headband and wear loose gems, hanging from the hair like a headband.

Hairstyles for wearing flower headbands

Are you sure you want to wear flower headbands but don’t know how? Don’t worry, this kind of ornaments they look good with all hairstyles. You just need to know how to tailor flowers to your hair type and the hairstyle that best suits your look. And if you don’t know which one, they are the best hairstyles to wear flower headbands

  • Braids with headband – A classic that never fails is the combination of headbands with braids. Braided hairstyles are the icing on everything country look. Plus, flower headbands are informal, so they work wonderfully in a hairstyle that can even be designed as tousled. In fact, sometimes it is even advisable to tousle them a bit.

Nina Flower Headbands

Both in full headbands and in those that wear the ornament on one side, braids complement the hairstyle perfectly. A tip: if you have long hair, try a side braid. You will love the result!

  • Picked up with flower headband – Too they look particularly good with those collected. Of course, better medium or small flowers. If you use very large flowers and collect all the hair, it will go unnoticed. It is better to use small elements to form the headband. You can do this around the head or around the bun.

This type of hairstyle gives a very romantic air to the whole style. Looks like you just stepped out of a fairy tale

  • Loose hair with flower headband – This is one of the more daring options but, at the same time, one of the most grateful, because it looks great. Additionally, if you choose to wear a flower headband with loose hair, you have three options for doing so.
    • Classic headband – It’s the one that goes from one ear to the other and goes over the head.
    • crowned – It is the one which is placed around the forehead and which assumes the absolute prominence of the gaze.
    • Band around the head – It is placed from the forehead to the nape of the neck and can be placed above or below the hair.

If you go for flowing hair, it is best to wear it informally. Maybe slightly wavy or with well defined waves. Without being specially combed and checked. Remember, flower headbands are perfect accessories for rustic and romantic looks. If you go too far to comb your hair and are looking for a very formal style, they may not be right for you.

This, yes, Remember to always wear the headband securely, with bobby pins or hooks. Being flowery, it barely weighs and it can move around without you noticing, ruining the entire hairstyle.

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