If we had to give an approximate definition of glass doors, we could say that they are those that are constituted by a solid body or structure, and glass to favor the passage of light.

From a decorative point of view, they are an option ideal for maintaining continuity of spaces even when the door is closed. They add elegance and can be adapted to any decor, whether classic or modern.

In modern styles, where straight lines predominate, we find mainly rectangular crystals and a lot of symmetry.

In rustic, country or more traditional styles, the curves and frames are combined.

As for the use of colors in French doors, there is a clear winner. The White it is by far the most used. The natural appearance of wood is always present. And for the riskier ones looking to add a touch of modernity, we find black.

Materials of French doors

Traditionally, French doors have the fully transparent wooden and glass body. In most cases this is the case, although to adapt to different realities we can find other materials.

The aluminum it is a frequent substitute for wood, but not on all occasions. Wood is still the most used inside homes. Not so much outdoors, where the combination of strength and low maintenance required of aluminum prevails.

French door materials

Another reason why aluminum is sought for this use is its ease of installation of slide opening systems. The wood requirements in this case are much larger and more complex.

Regarding crystals and outdoor thinking, it is required laminated or tempered glass that offer greater resistance. It is also common today to find houses where you don’t want to give up the privacy, light and style that French doors offer. That’s why entry doors are usually installed lacquered glass or that do not allow to see, but if the passage of light.


French door usa

Although these types of doors can be used in any situation, they are not always the best option. There are rooms in any home where you want to keep a little more privacy, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. I am not in favor of installing them in such cases.

However, inside the house and to access the living room, the corridor and even the kitchen I do not see any inconvenience. This will improve the lighting and the feeling of space in the house.

I am also an adept abroad, mainly in cases where you can enjoy a garden or a beautiful balcony. Curtains and blinds are an essential addition in these cases.

On the other hand, there are many people who see this type of door as a risk, because they think it offers less security or resistance against unwanted access.

This argument may have been true decades ago. Not today. With the right combination of aluminum and glass, much more strength and safety is achieved than it may seem.

But French doors are not only used as internal or external doors. They are also used in furniture. In cabinets, cabinets or showcases.