Fruit bowls are perhaps one of the items in the home that we don’t always consider to have, but undoubtedly has a feature that will soon make us realize that they are saving us a lot of space.

The fruit bowls they will surely not be for many of you essential because it is nothing more than a container that we use to place the fruit inside.

Fruit bowls and solar functionality:

  • The fruit bowls are mainly used to place the fruit that we buy and that way we can have it in the center of our table and at noon we don’t have to get up for dessert.
  • The use of the fruit bowl is not something recent, in fact the old one CreteThey were already in use and pieces of different shapes and decorations were found. They belong to the polychrome ceramic style called Kamares which was developed from 2000 BC to 1600 BC.
  • Typically, fruit bowls tend to be oval in shape, as that way a lot more fruit will fit. The shapes of fruit bowls are usually those of a bowl or deep plate and are usually made of materials such as ceramic, glass or even plastic for slightly more modern models.
  • In this way, we can say that we can also buy fruit bowls according to the design or decoration that we have in the dining room or in the place of the house where we place it.

Types of fruit bowls:

  • Modern fruit bowls: Like this one you see in the picture above, here you have a fruit bowl that we can consider modern because although it is still a bowlIt has a shape that escapes the traditional oval that we all know. In fact, it is currently easy to find fruit bowls in this style with a wide variety of shapes and also in all kinds of colors and sizes.

  • Classic Fruit Bowls: These are perhaps the most common or the ones we have all had at some time at home. They can be made of materials such as ceramic or glass and some can even be made of metal. Especially the ones hanging in the kitchen.

  • Cardboard or recyclable fruit bowls: I would like to add, in addition to the aforementioned fruit bowls, this type of cardboard fruit basket and which in fact is perhaps the most ecological of all since on the one hand it is made of a recycled material and elsewhere we can make it ourselves. The one I show you in the image above is from the Dutch firm SemDesign, which allows us to make our own cardboard fruit basket as we see in the picture above, although they also have the same model but made of wood.

  • If we want to make our own fruit bowl, just download the instructions that come on the aforementioned site, although it should also be said that they sell it online.

I now leave you a video of fruit bowls:

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