FuelPod2 is a device that converts our used homemade oil, mixed with other components, into diesel for our vehicle.

Its price and production capacity, 2500 pounds and 50 liters per day, advise us to find friends to buy it and use it together, so that we can get the most out of it. It seems ideal for businesses with canteens or the ability to collect used oil, not so much for family use.

Its dimensions, 140 cm high by 60 cm wide, make it not very difficult to handle.

The English company Green Fuels is responsible for the product.

We take advantage of the topic to remind ourselves what to do with used oil. First of all, never throw it down the drain or the toilet. We remember that the best solution is to use it effectively, get the most out of it, then we have the option of making natural soap or oil lamps. If we can’t give it a second use at home, we’ll try to get it to a clean point where it can give it a second life. And as a last resort, we will throw it in the trash but in a bottle.