While cleaning is something we do around the home on a regular basis, there are certain types of furniture that require special attention. Depending on the material from which they are made, certain types of products may damage the finish or don’t leave them as clean as you want them to be. Here we give you all the tips for cleaning Wooden furniture, of the kitchen Yes lacquer.

Furniture cleaning

When we clean the furniture that we have at home, we have to use different products depending on the material from which it is made. We often see ads on TV that sell us versatile products which guarantee a thorough cleaning throughout the house.

These products can be very effective against fat and the dirtHowever, we can put the durability of our furniture at risk. Being such aggressive products, they can damage delicate surfaces such as wooden or lacquered furniture.

Clean wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is durable in itself, but if we want to keep it looking good and shiny, we have to be careful. Like we said we must try to avoid advertising chemicals and using the in-house tips of a lifetime, much less aggressive.

One of these tips is to mix olive oil and wine vinegar in the same proportion. We will take a cotton cloth and we will apply the mixture to all the furniture. Then we will let it dry for an hour. Once dry, the wax can be applied to make the wood shine.

Also for clean and shiny we can use nuts, because they contain liquid similar to oil. Just peel them and rub them on the furniture at the base. No need to worry about them not getting scratched.


A third option is to mix lemon oil with half a liter of vegetable oil and spread it on the furniture with a cloth. Vinegar and lemon are products that can be used to clean any part of the house. The vinegar is also used as fabric softener or for our hair.

To treat small cracks or scratches that appear in wood, a good solution is apply petroleum jelly on them and let it act for a while. Then you will have to remove the remains with a cloth and it will be ready.

For small bumps or bumps, a trick at home is to place a damp cloth on the area where the blow is and run the iron over it to heat it up. If we want to eliminate the marks from glasses and cups that usually remain on furniture, we can rub with cork. If it takes a while, you will need to mix gasoline and ash and rub with a rag in circular motions.

In case the furniture has been painted, we can use the usual products mixed with lukewarm water. Then rinse with water and dry with a cloth.

Kitchen furniture cleaning

The headache caused by kitchen furniture is mainly due to grease spots that accumulate, as well as the fingerprints that remain on the doors and around the handles.

As is often the case with windows, kitchen furniture can be stained after cleaning, as some products, although they manage to remove some of the dirt, leave other traces.

stainless steel-kitchen-furniture-cleaning

The most effective products in the kitchen are degreaser, like him KH7. It is convenient to use those that do not require rinsing, as the water tends to leave traces. To apply these products, we will spray on the surface of the furniture and clean it with a dry and soft cloth.

Ideally, apply right after cooking to prevent grease from drying out and sticking to furniture and tiles, and do so regularly. The interior of the cabinet can be cleaned every two months.

Cleaning lacquered furniture

The use of lacquered furniture is a very fashionable trend, and more and more kitchens are using this type of finish. It is also often used for passage doors.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of finish is that, being very delicate, certain types of products can be too aggressive for a deep cleaning. On the other hand, since the most frequently used color is white, dirt and stains will be more visible, as the need for these deep cleanings will be greater.

It is important to learn how to properly clean this type of furniture in order to keep it in perfect condition for a long time. Otherwise, they will lose their shine and appeal.


Ideal for the maintenance of lacquered furniture is perform regular cleaning, to prevent dirt from entering the furniture. Abrasive products should be avoided first and foremost, like the detergents we usually buy, as they most likely eat up the lacquer on the furniture.

The most suitable method for this type of furniture is a classic: soap and water. For soap, it is better to use one that is natural, like those bars of soap that we had at home in our childhood that were no longer used due to the appearance of commercial detergents.

This type of soap is not at all aggressive and it is also environmentally friendly, so to respect the environment. In addition, it is very effective in removing general dirt and grease. To apply it, it is best to use a fine but rough microfiber cloth. This material hardly absorbs water and is able to drag dirt away without leaving lint or scratches. To rinse the remains we will use a damp cloth. And with these little tips, your furniture will be spotless and like new for much longer.

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