As expected, in the 21st century the use of recycled products is increasing every day. There are many ideas and many resources available. Building furniture with pallets for the home, is one of them.

Furniture with pallets is not just a way to reuse ecological way with discarded resources, but allow us to obtain different, original and unique aesthetic proposals. But that’s not all: you’ll save money and have furniture that you can’t find in anyone’s home.


Pallets are used by logistics, transportation, warehouses, supermarkets, markets, large clothing stores, fruit and vegetables, etc. They are used to organize goods and transport them with block ease. To get them, you can go to those places and talk to a clerk and ask for them.

Sometimes pallets are thrown in front of stores for people who need them to pick up or sell them at very low prices.

Although the wood with which they are elaborate is of poor quality, It’s very hard. The texture varies. Some pallets have wood planed and treated, while others are rough and warped. Making furniture with treated wood pallets is relatively easy. To improve its appearance, just apply a coat of lacquer after the furniture is built. Let’s see some furniture that we can make with pallets, but first let’s make a short list of the materials that we will need for all types of furniture:

  • Pallets
  • Wooden ribbons
  • Crystals or tempered glass
  • wood saw
  • Wood screws
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • The painting
  • Lacquer
  • Sandpaper

Make tables with pallets


The pallet, in its natural position, is the table you need. Of course, it doesn’t have legs and you might want to have a longer extension. So let’s go in parts: if you want a bigger extension, use two pallets joined to form the base of the table. Depending on the condition of the wood, you may need to polish and immunize the wood.

If so, it is best that you complete these tasks before continuing. If you used two pallets to form your table, you can secure them with screws, although this is not strictly necessary. To make the legs, you need to decide how high you are going to give your table. If you used just one pallet, four feet will do. If you have opted for two pallets attached, six is ​​the ideal number of feet. Wood slats can be obtained from other pallets, although it is likely that you will not find the measurements you need there. The ideal measurements are: 90cm high, 5cm wide and 5cm thick.

Once you have the legs cut to the measured, sanded and brilliantYou need to secure them to the bases with wood screws, making sure that all the legs are the same height. At this point, accuracy is very important. With the feet attached to the base, it remains only to paint the desired color, although the wood of the pallets, in its natural color, looks very attractive. If you decide to paint, you must wait for the paint to dry before placing the glass on the base.

When you have your table set up, you will notice that, naturally, many stand out. Support points the table has legs. On these support points, you fix the glass to the base. You can do this in two ways: with hot glue or by fixing it with screws whose head is at least 12 mm in diameter. To open the holes on this glass, you need to use a drill and a glass bit.

Making sofas, armchairs and chairs with pallets


Making furniture with pallets is very easy. Sofas and armchairs are easier than the dining table. Let’s see the step by step:

We place one pallet on top of another, which will be the basis of the cabinet. If you want to join them, you can do so with wood glue or wood screws. If you don’t want to join, you don’t have to. If you are not satisfied with the height provided by the two pallets, you can add one or two more. In this case, it will be necessary to join the pallets with glue or screws.

If you want yourself the sofa has armrests you can use two pallets on the sides, arranged vertically. For a sofa built with two or three pallets facing upwards, a pallet on the sides will constitute the armrests. If you had more than 3 pallets, one on top of the other. The height of the vertical pallet is probably the same as that of the horizontal pallets, which is why they will not serve as your armrests. The backs are also optional. For them we will use pallets cut in half, fixed to the base, but also to the armrests. Finally, you have to place the cushions. We can make them with cut-to-size foams, lined with the fabrics we love most because of their colors and textures.

We can also use already made cushions that match the dimensions of the sofa. We can add a wheel system on the base, to move the sofa with ease. If this is the case, you must take care that each of the parts is connected very well with glue and / or wood screws.


  • The spaces left at the bottom of the sofa, can be used as a magazine rack.
  • Backs can be made with wooden planks detached from other pallets. These pieces of wood will not have the same dimensions, so the back will have an irregular shape. Don’t worry, the idea is precisely that.

Make beds with pallets

First, try to get a few pallets in the best condition possible. This will save you from having to sand, polish and lacquer. If this is not possible, you should sand them, polish them and give them a coat of lacquer before using them.

With two pallets placed face to face, you get the dimensions of a single bed (0.90 x 1.90 m). If you want a double bed, you must use four pallets (1.35 x 1.90 or 1.50 x 1.90). In this way you will have a bed that will have a height, added to that of the mattress, of more or less 80 cm high. If you want to reach greater height, you need to use more pallets.

You do not have to join the pallets with nails or screws. If you do… great, but if you don’t, the weight of the mattress will keep the structure firm. Depending on the type of mattress, you will need to use a table that covers the total area of ​​the pallets. For orthopedic mattress, which is about 40cm thick, you don’t need it.

How to make a headboard with pallets

Some people prefer the bed with a headboard. If you want, you will need another pallet for each square. If it is a single bed, a pallet. If it is a double bed, two pallets. he the headboard will be the part of the bed that will be visible to any observer. For this reason, you should pay special attention to the color and texture of the wood, which should combine with other furniture in the room.

The installation of the headboard is simple. It suffices to screw on the pallet, making a “L“Above the top of the bed. An interesting option is to cover it with some type of cloth or fabric that covers it, so as not to reveal its origin.

Making shelves with pallets


As in the other manufacturing examples with pallets we have covered so far, if the pallet is new and in excellent condition, you can move on to step two. Otherwise, you have to sand and polish, up to remove any roughness or traces of chips. Next, using a wood saw, you need to cut the pallet at both ends, at the height of the first two slats. For each pallet you will get two racks.

You will notice that it is necessary to place a base that prevents the objects that we place on the shelf from falling to the floor. Look at the picture and you will know how to do it, using a strip of wood from the rest of the pallet. There are only paint and varnish left to taste.

Make a swimming pool with paddles

It seems impossible to make a swimming pool with paddles. The truth is that what we do is a wooden structure, which can be waterproofed and covered with a heavy duty canvas or plastic, so that it becomes a huge container that can be filled with water to be enjoyed as a swimming pool. To do this, just look at the image:


If it is still not clear to you, with the help of this video you can have your swimming pool to enjoy it next weekend:

Furniture making is one of the DIY activities that can give us greater satisfaction. However, the economic and aesthetic benefits that we can obtain are greater. We can’t just make tables and sofas. We can also make beds, bookcases, shelves and many more. But that will be the subject of another article and another tutorial. Until there.

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