Teak and tropical woods, iron, aluminum, wicker or plastic and other revolutionary synthetics. There are many materials that we use today on our terraces and gardens furniture and even more the care that we must take with them.

Teak and other tropical woods

Teak and other tropical woods, in contact with water and the sun, lose their color and become grayish, but we should not worry. It is just a color change that does not imply rot. Sanding manually with very fine sandpaper we will prepare it for a good layer of cleaner, oil or color recovery, all for sale in DIY stores and outdoor furniture.

Plastic, resin and fiberglass

Outdoor or garden furniture made of plastic, resin and synthetic materials is cleaned with a mixture of mild soap and water applied with a soft sponge. Next, we will rinse and dry in the sun or with the help of a clean cloth. We must ban abrasive cleaning products. To avoid yellowing, it is best to apply a mixture of borax salt and water, although we can do little for them.

Wicker and other vegetable fibers

To keep wicker, bamboo or rattan furniture in perfect condition, just dust it regularly and clean it with a damp cloth. From time to time they will appreciate a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, as well as a deeper cleaning with a sponge and a mixture of water and soap. In the past, salt water was applied to cane furniture to keep it rigid.

Iron: the fight against rust

Resistant and durable material, hardly suffers the effects of cold, sun and rain or low temperatures. If because of the water they had traces of rust, we will sand with the aid of a wire brush and then apply an anti-rust treatment. In the past it was necessary to coat a previous material, but today new enamels do not need this.

Aluminum: the simplest to care for

Aluminum furniture they don’t need very sophisticated care, although it is a constant treat to stay clean and in perfect condition. To clean them, a simple mixture of water and soap is enough, avoiding by all means any abrasive product, however suitable it may seem. It is also convenient to dust them, at least once a week.

Marble and natural stone

To care for natural stone furniture for outdoor use, the most durable material everything, just be careful and avoid contact with chemicals and acids. Dirt, grime and grease are also enemies of the stone, so we must remove them carefully. In the case of soil, extreme precautions must be taken as it can scratch the surfaces of our garden tables.

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