Thinking of starting a vegetable garden, but you didn’t decide just because you lack the experience or the time to supervise it? Then you might be interested in GardenSpace. It’s a pioneering robot that allows you to monitor crops through your cell phone, take care of watering them, and even scare away insects and other species that stalk them. In addition to throwing a cable at you, the system does not consume energy, as it recharges by exposure to the sun.

It is the tool that every gardener needs, novice or expert ”, explains the company that designed this system, which launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finance the manufacture of the invention. This is already guaranteed, so robot production will continue with the aspiration to tackle some of the “Major headaches” of those who cultivate their own garden.

The condition of the crops, irrigation needs and potential external threats are surely the cause of some of these headaches. And, for them, this innovation offers an answer, which can be integrated both in a new orchard, as in one that is already in production.

With a setup so simple that it only requires a connection to a water source and a Wi-Fi network, the first benefit those who come to GardenSpace will notice will be the monitoring of their crops 24/7 (24/7) without any corner of the garden escaping. It is guaranteed by a 360 degree rotating camera which provides a full view of the condition of the plot via the mobile phone.

With ability to handle a growing area of ​​up to 100 square feet (approximately 9.2 square meters), this robot is also responsible for watering the plants when they need it. In fact, a very positive point for those with less experience is that the system lists all the plants grown in a way that automatically detects if any of them need water.

Against pests or the presence of animals in the garden that can damage a crop, GardenSpace also offers a remedy. With a built-in motion detector, the robot simply repels any animal with water.

All of the above is accompanied in this solar robot from the GardenSpace app, with which you can monitor your garden from anywhereIn addition to getting additional information about your crops, see what to plant and where to do it. The app can even request the seeds for you.

With priced at $ 399 upon release, the system will be able to operate without subscription to water plants, scare animals, record the temperature of crops, as well as the ambient temperature and humidity. For those who choose to subscribe, all of the above will be accompanied by advice and recommendations on gardening from the promoting company which, he assures, aspires to become the “The largest producer of food products in the world, without having a growing area.”


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