Solar car strip

The Gaza Strip in Palestine is struggling with fuel and electricity shortages, pushing blackouts until noon. Engineering students Jamal Al Miqaty and Khalid Al Bardawil Al Azhar from the University of Gaza decided to work creatively to tackle this problem: they designed a car that was 100% solar powered.

The 23-year-old students designed the prototype of their graduation project.

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Gaza solar car1

Creating a solar car in the Gaza Strip is more difficult than in other parts of the world. The materials, the DC motors they needed were not available in Gaza. According to Miqaty, no one knows how to build DC motors. So the students had to adapt a different engine to work on the car.

Through this prototype, they want to spread awareness and culture on the use of solar energy. It is the first car made in Gaza to run on solar energy.

Students are also hoping to find a way to convert electric cars to run solely on solar power, according to the University. With these alternative energy vehicles, they hope to provide respite from the energy crisis facing their community.

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