A 107 m long blade for the future 12 MW offshore wind turbine. The LM 107.0 P wind turbine is one of the largest single-component wind turbines ever built.

General Electric adds another line to the Guinness Book of Records. Indeed, the American multinational recently presented its latest record product: the LM 107.0 P, a 107 meter long wind turbine.

It is, according to the company, the largest ever planned by the wind industry. Its manufacturers took it out of the mold last week at LM Wind Power’s new factory in France.

At 107 meters in length, the blade is longer than a football field and is approximately 1.4 times the length of a Boeing 747. Usain Bolt, 100-meter world record holder, would take around ten seconds to run from start to finish. “- the company comments in a press release.

Its giant size makes it easy to guess how to use it. The LM 107.0 P is intended for future GE offshore wind turbines, true marine giants with an impressive power of 12 MW.

Three of these blades will form the rotor of GE Haliade-X 12 MW, the largest and most powerful offshore wind turbine in the world, capable of supplying 16,000 European households. When completed, the prototype, which will be built in Rotterdam and operational at the end of 2019, will be 260 meters high from base to blade tips and the rotor will sweep a circular area 220 meters in diameter. And it’s not just the final bars that win the record.

The GE wind turbine is also one of the largest single-component wind turbines ever built. Each unit is made of a high-tech sandwich of thin layers of glass, carbon fiber and wood, fused with a special resin.

The new factory where LM Wind Power (acquired by GE in 2017) produces the huge blades of the Haliade-X 12MW is located on the banks of the Channel in Normandy, near the industrial port of Cherbourg to facilitate the transport of components. Obviously, before arriving in Rotterdam to lift the prototype, GE Renewable Energy will test the units to prove their strength in more than 20 field trials.

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