In Istanbul, they are testing a turbine that generates energy with the air that cars move when driving on the road.

ENLİL is a smart vertical axis wind turbine that transforms highways into renewable energy sources by using the air carried by vehicles while driving. It can generate up to 1 Kwh

It also offers comfort and safety to cities thanks to integrated sensors and a smart platform.

By installing this vertical axis hybrid wind turbine (with an integrated solar panel) on highways, metrobus and other transportation lines, as well as high performance homes, ENLIL will generate power using both the created wind by vehicles and wind. blowing naturally. It will also measure the city’s temperature, humidity, wind and CO2 using the built-in sensors and the IOT platform.

The measurements made by ENLIL are used in a map of the city’s carbon footprint and will also contribute to safety by providing information about possible earthquakes in Istanbul with the seismic monitoring station.

A mobile application will also provide information and data on the energy produced and the measurements carried out by ENLIL, to whoever needs it.

Here’s in action:


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