Renewable energies are the future and one of the solutions to the current climate crisis. From electric cars to more durable tools, designers are changing the world to improve their products while being more environmentally friendly. Join this list are these SolarGaps solar shades, which make your home smarter and greener. If you want to save on your electricity consumption and generate your own green energy, this may be of interest to you.

Solar shades help you save on your energy costs, by saving up to 30% on your electricity bill compared to the costs of using conventional energy, in simpler terms, or one third of your electricity bill. air conditioning if you live in a hot climate.

These blinds they can generate 100W for each square meter, which is enough to charge a smartphone, laptop or to operate a television.

Solar shades also help you reduce your carbon footprint: 1 square meter of solar energy can avoid 100 grams of CO2.

Now imagine the impact it would have on your neighborhood if everyone installed these blinds. They are thought for the future, designed to be intelligent, to be able to control them with an application on your phone, compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. They can be used as an alarm clock in the morning, setting them for the time you want them to open.


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The idea of ​​combining solar panels and blinds struck me when I saw sunflowers in the field spinning in front of the sun. With my invention, I wanted to give everyone the means to help save our planet.

Yevgen Erik, CEO of SolarGaps.

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