German district produces 4 times more energy than it consumes thanks to solar roofs

Obtaining electric power through solar power is one of the safest, cleanest, and most abundant ways that we know of. Knowing this immense potential, a village in Freiburg, Germany, known as Schlierberg, generate more than 4 times the energy they consume. They show us how to live alone and exclusively with solar energy. And with the new batteries that will soon hit the market, like Tesla’s Powerwall, in addition to being self-sufficient, they will be able to be independent from any conventional power grid. These are zero energy buildings.

The district consists of 59 wooden residences, built with ecological materials, on an area of ​​11,000 m² (with a commercial building, called Sun Barco – Nave Solar). The population of this neighborhood, in addition to using solar energy, reuses rainwater, uses ecological materials in its buildings, solar glass tiles, in addition to moving around the neighborhood only on foot or by bike. The district or one of the most sustainable districts in Germany.

But what catches Schlierberg’s attention the most is his energy self-sufficiency. Very well designed, the town has built its roofs with photovoltaic panels arranged in the right direction, and its results confirm its good construction, they produce about four times more electricity than they need. Yes, you were amazed, like everyone else. And even more when they tell us every day about this emergency energy so famous and so necessary for renewable energies.

Thanks to this, they avoid the emission of around 500 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, according to the architect responsible for the project, Rolf disch, who designed each house to have a simple roof, with wide eaves, which allow the presence of the sun during the winter and protect the houses during the summer.

Here are some pictures:

Germany Quartier Solar1

Germany Quartier Solar6

Germany Solar District

Germany Quartier Solar5

Germany Quartier Solar4

Germany Quartier Solar3

Germany Quartier Solar2