Germany will create a 100 MW gas-fired power station (ptg) that will convert wind power into hydrogen and green methane. It will be based in Linden and will begin operations in 2023.

HyBridge, from wind power to hydrogen.

Germany has two very specific energy goals, such as:

  1. Give up the use of coal.
  2. Eliminate nuclear power.

To help achieve these objectives, the country has proposed the realization of a project of hydrogen production called HyBridge, which will be produced in collaboration with Open Grid Europe (OGE), one of the main gas transmission system operators in Europe. Two-thirds of the natural gas consumed in Germany passes through the company’s gas pipeline network.

Amprion GmbH is one of the four operators of electricity distribution networks in the country. The company was founded in 1928 and is based in Dortmund, Germany, with an additional office in Pulheim.

The intention is to create a efficient storage system for excess energy produced by wind farms located in northern Germany.

The construction of a 100 MW power plant is planned which will convert the wind energy in hydrogen and green methane. The proposal includes the fuel distribution infrastructure.

Gas energy technology plays a key role in the conversion of the electrical system. Allows you to convert the green electricity in hydrogen and use it in other sectors. It also allows the use of gas infrastructure to store renewable energy.

Linden, part of the construction of the factory.

It’s a hybrid project. It consists of the construction of a electrolyser which can convert up to 100 megawatts of electrical energy into hydrogen from 2023. At the same time, a hydrogen infrastructure will be created.

Wind farm in Germany. Image: Rudmer Zwerver Shutterstock

The place where the project will be executed is Lingen, located in Lower Saxony, in northwestern Germany. This location was chosen because it is a leading region in renewable energies, such as wind power and biogas. It also has the optimum environmental conditions to be very windy.

The electricity produced will be transported through the electricity grid and used directly. If the grids are fully utilized and consumers demand less electricity than what is offered, electrical energy will be transformed through power systems. electricity to hydrogen.

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