GiraDora is a manual washer-dryer which works with a pedal that turns the drum, an aid for communities where they have difficult access to electricity. It is designed so that the person sitting on it turns the pedal. In this case, sustainability goes hand in hand with necessity.


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It was designed by Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You. A visit to Cerro Verde, in Lima (Peru), inspired these two American students to create the GiraDora.

GiraDora.  Pedal washer and dryer

Laundry, in some areas where access to electricity is difficult, involves people working around 6 hours a week outside their homes. For this, they designed GiraDora, to liberate the people of that time, a human-powered washing machine that has a price tag close to $ 40. While this is an eco-friendly invention designed to help low-income communities, it would also be a valuable resource for rural homes, camping, camping … and you can surely think of many more. .


Its operation is simple, a pedal moves the drum inside the drum, it is designed to sit on it and therefore it is more comfortable to operate the pedal.

It is still in the implementation phase, given the viability of the project in Peru. We leave you a small documentary with the designers:

Where to buy the GiraDora.

It is not yet available for purchase. On their Facebook page, they recently reported that it is still under development and that they will soon continue to conduct field tests in a region of Latin America.

Instead, priced at $ 129, you get a similar washing machine called a Drumi. This washing machine is available for reservations and promises delivery no later than July 2016.

Another alternative is to create your own bicilavadora 😉

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