If you are a hotelier, you are dedicated to catering, and you often have surplus food that you don’t like to waste and which usually ends up in the trash, nice to eat you it will enchant you.

Only in Spain it is estimated that a the restaurant throws away an amount of food equivalent to 3000 € per year, despite being perfectly edible food. This implies economic losses, low social engagement and environmental degradation.

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nice to eat you is an online platform that can be used in your browser or through an app, in which food offers are published that hoteliers or businesses have not been able to sell throughout the day, with a minimum discount of 40% guarantee.

A platform that will allow you to eat well, save money and create a positive impact on the environment.

In addition to being able to benefit from attractive discounts, remember that with each prize you save, you are helping to reduce food waste, and therefore to create a better world. For every purchase you make, you will avoid generating new CO2 emissions.

It is designed to find your favorite food at the stores closest to you. The operation would be:

  • Sign up for free and access the offers.
  • Find your favorite dish and order online.
  • Go to the store, collect your order and enjoy it.

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Behind the project there is three young Spanish entrepreneurs, two engineers and a physicist, eager to do their part for a society more committed to the environment and responsible consumption.

We can eat at a very low price, the trade saves and makes profitable all that we had to throw away, and all together we work together to fight against food waste. You can join the community nice to eat you.