Solar glass roof tiles.  Generate thermal solar energy

These tiles fit together like standard tiles and blend into existing channel tiles to allow full roof integration without any additional thickness.

Mascarell manufactures a 10 W solar tile, which consists of a glass tile on which high performance monocrystalline solar cells are attached. Ensures the roof is covered and waterproof.

Transparent in appearance, it lets through all the solar radiation captured by the solar cells to allow buildings to produce their own electricity. It becomes invisible on the roof once installed.


It is a glass tile, transparent, similar in size and shape to the traditional Mediterranean tile; it allows you to place it on an existing tile, or to replace it.

Each tile has on its internal face a flexible and waterproof photovoltaic panel which generates electricity when it receives the sun’s rays.

Each tile has two cables with connectors, so that they are connected to each other until the desired wattage is reached.

It does not need installation, as it is placed on the existing roof.

Designed for places where the usual photovoltaic panel cannot be placed, due to weight, aesthetics or regulations.

Given its shape, size and the natural inclination of the roofs, it is imperceptible from the street.

Advantages of solar tiles.

  • Integration with perfect aesthetics.
  • A simple and very economical modular solution.
  • Perfect solution for the renovation of historical monuments.
  • Compatible with all existing channel tiles.
  • Let in the light (ideal for porches).
  • Very easy and quick installation without the need to drill the roof.
  • Frost and wind resistant and solar module protected from bad weather.
  • Green energy generators are invisible.
  • Ecological, made with recyclable materials.
  • No maintenance is required.
  • Adapts well to Uralite channel roofs, sandwich panels.
  • Longevity of the photovoltaic elements placed under the tiles.
  • A safe and sustainable investment.
  • Reassess your home.
  • 80% of guaranteed electricity production after 20 years.

Mascarell is an ecological glass factory located in MatarĂ³ (Barcelona) and specialized in the manufacture of patented solar channel tiles, with the appearance of a traditional tile, but in transparent glass.

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