In WoodMe we are now talking about those that are glass tables, and that although until recently they were hardly seen, in recent times when the minimalist and modern style has prevailed, we must say that they are more more common in homes.

Glass tables are elegant and they also combine if we have a decoration which, as I said before, is modern, but they also present a “risk” because obviously they are more likely to break than a table made of another material like wood. Anyway, they are all the rage and one can find them of different types.

How are the glass tables:

  • Tables for lunch: Tables of dining room They are usually not made entirely of glass, although more and more people are opting for models in which the combination of materials can be found and one of them will obviously be glass.
  • In this way and although there will surely be those who will choose an entire glass table for their dining room, it is recommended to buy those that have, for example, a base or legs of another material, whether it is wood or iron. They are much more resistant and combine perfectly with various decorative styles.

  • Auxiliary tables: The auxiliary tables will be all these tables that can be placed in the living room or the living room. In fact, the tables which we call “coffee tables” or “small tables” are auxiliary tables and glass has always been one of the materials that these types of tables are usually made from, so it will be easy for us to find them. .
  • In fact, we can add that over the years this type of tables have perhaps moved a little away from this material and have new more resistant materials such as Plastic or methacrylate, although there are still many people who opt for a side table, which is small and made of glass at its center or base and has legs of another material.
  • Office tables: Finally, we have the tables that will be placed in the Office and that these are tables that are currently sold a lot in glass. It is a type of table and also dresses very well for areas of the house like an office or office. Most of the models launched in this type of material have glass in all its parts or preparation, so you have to be more careful so that it does not break and especially so that they are always clean.

Glass tables are very present in homes today and although I have already said that they are a little more “fragile”, many have a type of glass which is quite complicated for us to break on the first change. On the other hand, they’re pretty straightforward to clean and if they get stained right away we can fix it with a little glass cleaner.

Photo gallery of glass tables:

Video of the Cristal tables:

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