In DIY10 Now we want to tell you about a type of wall that, although there is not much of it in houses yet, is that it can allow us to have more space and light in our House. We talk about what they are glass walls.

crystal wall

We might not be able to see its beauty at first, because it’s like we leave a wall bare, but you will love the space it gives and the amount of light which can be used when any of these glass walls, let’s install it.

the glass walls This is the type of wall that will be found in homes that have a modernist or even minimalist decoration or style. They are glass walls, so they are characterized by making the spaces more illuminated and in fact better enjoying the natural light.

Although in this article we will focus on telling you about the glass walls for the home it can be said that they are also very fashionable in many offices so that workers do not feel so isolated in their own work desks.

If you think installing a glass wall might interest you, pay attention to the following points advantages and disadvantages it might cause you.

Advantages of glass walls

glass walls in offices

  • he the size of the house increases remarkably when one of the walls is installed, because even if there is a division, the connection becomes visible and can be in a room, while again it makes the house or office look much bigger .
  • Another advantage when it comes to having glass walls It will be like no that all the pieces will be seen more enlightened. If we have little natural light entering through the windows this is an advantage and if the light is strong we can still take advantage of it more, as it will pass through rooms accessible through the glass. It will transmit not only its light, but its heat.
  • This results in a considerable light savings, because it involves the most efficient use of available natural light.
  • On the other hand, the glass walls Although it doesn’t appear to be the case, they can also be used to divide environments in the same space. These walls will allow us to decorate a living room in one way and the dining room in another, for example, but without losing an iota of light and much less style. Thanks to the different types of crystals and designs, like with glass furniture, we can always give a personal touch to glass walls, without compromising their function.
  • Regarding materials, choose to make glass walls That’s not to say they should be more expensive than traditional walls. Today there are many materials for making glass walls economically, although as always it will be in the quality where you will see the real difference of one or the other. Opting for glasses that do not break with bumps is ideal, although of course more expensive.

Disadvantages of glass walls

glass living rooms

  • he price what they have is usually not very low, because to install a glass wall it is not just a sheet. The price includes the frame, the thickness, the anti-shock treatment, the base, the design and of course the installation. This is not about inserting a crystal in the hole where a wall was supposed to be, it is about a new construction.
  • Despite the modernity of the style provided by the glass walls, the space and the natural light that can be used, the transparency of this material, made lose some privacy. Unless you live on your own, a wall of glass will take away the privacy of your home and take away some of the heat.

Maintenance of glass walls

These walls do not need a very exclusive maintenance, but they do involve effort so that the whole house is not affected by dirt.


Just mix a pairapple cider vinegar tea and four waterWhen you have mixed it, using a sprayer, spread it over the entire surface. A very effective way to remove it is through the glass brush, so that they do not leave traces, but another much more effective way is to remove the product, with newspaper.

It no longer absorbs excess product, but thanks to the ink on this paper, the the crystal shines much more, proven.

Finally, we must add that all glass walls They are of the same style and although the most common are those which are completely transparent, one can also find others which are lacquered, which shine, which include some. patterned or vinyl or who are of your mat.

It is a matter of choosing the one that best suits the area to be placed on the wall, especially if we are in the process of reforming or build our house, and besides whether or not they can end up being something functional for where we’re going to place them.

How to install glass walls

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