If you have one glue gun at home (or a hot glue gun), and also quite want to have fun doing crafts.

Do you dare to discover useful ideas? We offer you some of the Best Glue Gun Crafts that you can easily make at home. You really only need a silicone gun, the silicone itself, a little patience and also a little tomorrow and creativity. Do you already have everything? Well, let’s go …

Silicone Christmas … Snowflakes

Whether to hang on the tree, or to decorate a window, with a little hot silicone you can make your own snowflake decoration. Of course, to make it easier for you, it is first advisable to make your design in a piece of foil or wax, which can then be easily peeled off. You can also add a touch of paint, or spray paint, which will allow you to obtain a beautiful colored result.

But you can also do more things. For example, instead of decorating the tree or the window with our silicone snowflakes, we can place them on wooden sticks and incorporate them into our cake or Christmas cake. You can even buy colorful silicone sticks and add a little more color. Of course, you have to remember something basic: tell everyone that they are not edible.

Decoration for candle holders

Whether you have a mug that you don’t use anymore, a clear mug, or a glass with a bit of a striking shape, you can use a little bit of silicone to add wonderful patterns and then reuse them not to drink your favorite drinks, but as candle holders.

You can even use silicone in different colors to make them look even more innovative and interesting.

Authentic art to decorate on the walls

If you have a bit of crafting experience and are also good at painting, the truth is that you can make different creations using hot silicone, which you can then hang on different walls in your house. , like a work. of art.

For example, this time the artist made a series of decorations using a dandelion as an idea, but the reality is that you can do a lot more options, from flowers and fall leaves to others. various shapes such as, for example, the case of wonderful and unique stars.

Decorative clay

You can go a little further as well, and if for example you like working with clay, you can create your own designs by applying a little hot silicone on your roller, creating striking shapes or lines.

Then you just have to stretch the clay and run your roller over it.

Decorative silicone tablecloths

Are you running out of tablecloths? If in particular you need doiliesThe truth is that with a little bit of silicone you can design your own placemats, in different colors if, in addition, you use spray paint in different shades.

When making them, you can do this on a brown paper or a large piece of wax, so that the silicone, when cold, can be easily removed without breaking or sticking.

Silicone jewelry

You can also use silicone to give some of your favorite jewelry a different look, or even those you don’t tend to wear that much anymore. On this occasion, for example, we will take a hoop-shaped earring as a sample.

All you need to do is apply a little hot silicone, starting from the center until the whole circle is filled. Then spray a generous amount of glitter all over the area. And let it cool completely. Finally, gently remove the silicone pendant, removing excess glitter or glitter. Ready!. You can now enjoy your new jewelry.