Google launched its Sunroof project in the United States almost two years ago, first tested in Boston, San Francisco and Fresno, and is now available in all 42 US states. Sunroof’s goal is to know your home’s solar production capacity, and provide us with a recommended installer or company for this installation.

Now, the Sunroof project leaves the United States to reach Europe. The first country to benefit from this Google application will be Germany, thanks to an agreement with E.ON and Tetraeder. From the company, they report that little by little they will spread throughout the world.

It starts in Munich, Berlin, the Rhine-Main and the Ruhr area, covering almost 40% of German housing, around 7 million buildings.

Sunroof is a Google project which is able to calculate the amount of solar energy that the roof of your house receives in a year, by taking an aerial image database and Google Maps with a 3D design of the roof, shadows of structures or trees nearby, a history of clouds and temperature patterns, and all sun positions throughout the year, creating your own personalized analysis. With these data, Sunroof recommends the size of the installation that you must assemble in your home in order to be able to generate 100% of your electricity consumption using solar energy. We can calculate the costs and know in a simple way whether it is profitable or not. This can be an ideal complement for the success of projects such as Tesla’s battery, Powerwall, capable of storing the solar energy that we generate to be able to be autonomous 24 hours a day.

If you are interested, you must go to the website of EON and with your home address you can get the information.

B-planner, the online application that calculates solar radiation and wind in your home