Pollution and climate change are wreaking havoc on the planet. Every day, a large amount of waste accumulates. Therefore, eco-friendly gifts made with sustainable materials They are a very good option to help protect the environment and reduce existing waste.

Many companies have already started implementing measures that take into account the current situation and the importance of minimizing pollution. Therefore, ecological gifts for companies are a way to demonstrate to the consumer involvement and responsibility in respecting the environment, since each time a greater social demand is demanded by them. Many of these gifts can be made from plastic, cardboard, recycled paper, and other materials.

There are many options for making lasting gifts. Organic cotton is an ideal material for gifting T-shirts and fabric bags with the logo of the company in question printed on it. Among other possible options, eco-friendly USB drives are a practical gift for storing information or pictures. They can be made from bamboo wood, wheat cane or environmentally friendly metal.

In general, stationery is a great option and can be easily personalized. Notepads, notepads, pencils and pens also made from recycled cardboard they are a good option to consider as an ecological promotional gift which includes the company logo. You can even gift a small set of recycled cardboard containing personalized pencils, eraser, and sharpeners.

Likewise, pens that have additional functions are, without a doubt, original ecological gifts since they allow, on the one hand, to write and on the other hand, to use them as a pointer or for the touch screen. tablet, mobile or any other electronic device. .

Other personalized and original gifts are cups and bottles made of bamboo fibers or fans made of wood stems and cork fabric. It is interesting to opt for this type of gift because, they have a direct use, like the USB and for this reason, they can be much more attractive for the consumers who receive them.

As can be seen, it is possible to resort to promotional gifts without increasing pollution but, on the contrary, it can help to reduce the impact. In this way, it is possible to show a greater awareness of the importance of taking care of the environment.

All this at the same time, effectively attracts the customer and gives greater prestige to the company which chooses to use sustainable materials for its gifts. Many companies have chosen to include offline marketing strategies again.

Merchandising with a good design and a modern image is a very effective tool in reaching potential customers and customers. Giveaways as an offline marketing strategy and a digital marketing strategy are the perfect combination to effectively reach the target audience.