¿Button crafts? Why not? They offer endless colors, sizes, types, styles … You just have to choose what you want and give it the button you need. From clothes to household items, everything is susceptible to buttoning.

Button crafts

Before entering fully into the button craftIt is good to know that there are many types of pimples. All of them are inexpensive materials and, moreover, very easy to acquire. This is not a specific decoration utensil, so it won’t be re-evaluated for a long time.

Mirror with buttons

However, the fun touch they can offer is huge. In addition. due to their material and shape, they allow you to do almost anything with them. In fact, the button can be the common thread for an entire room and even an entire house.

So to speak, it is a song that can be repeated everywhere with a certain frequency. This will allow it to be present in different ways and to help give a touch of freshness and ingenuity to our interior. Having said that, here are some button craft, in case you are interested in one.

Button curtain

Do a button curtain, to place it in front of a window or between two rooms, it is a colorful and different way of enjoy the light. The effect, as you can see in the image, is spectacular. It’s hard to believe that for so little money we can have such a good impression.

Curtain buttons

Another peculiarity of the buttons is that, thanks to their holes, we can join them with a simple thread. In this case, we have chosen a resistant wire. We also put the wire horizontally to join the different button chains. This makes the curtain compact which can be pulled back. All of this is joined at the ends and can be moved at the same time.

Button bag

Again, we chose buttons in many colors to adorn a garment that seemed bland in appearance. A simple black bag, of standard quality and type, gains a lot by adding buttons. Now it is certainly a bag with a lot of personality and colorful. Button craftsmanship can add to our own look.


All you have to do is sew the buttons on the bag, casually. spin through each of its holes. There is another method: paste the buttons. However, the fabric of the bag is often moving and under tension from the things inside. This will gradually cause the buttons to come off. If you want a quick job, stick them on. If you want lasting work, sew them up.

Button bowl

We will need a bowl of the most normal of all the mess and several buttons of different sizes. We will place plastic wrap around our bowl, turning it over. We will cover all the plastic with liquid glue, spreading it with a brush.

Cover about half, starting with what would be the base of the bowl. They must be very close to each other, so we chose buttons of different sizes. After putting on our first layer of buttons, we will apply glue again.

Bowl button

Don’t be afraid to take a long line, it’s necessary. Cover the entire surface and wait for it to dry and apply another tail coat. Cover the top of this new layer with plastic so that the buttons do not move. When you see that it is dry, give it a hair dryer to make sure.

Reapply glue. It takes a lot of glue to make it solid. It’s a simple craft, but it takes time for the glue to dry. About three days in total. Try not to leave any space so that later it does not break. When you have given several layers and they have dried without leaving any free space, you can remove the plastic and the bowl that you used from the mold. One of those craft buttons worth making.

Room dividers with buttons

As you all know, partitions are gradually gaining ground. They constitute a wonderful design solution to manage space.

Mirror with colored buttons

Thanks to them, we can make two stays of one open space or just one if we’re going to have a meeting. However, they may look too dull if they’re just white, gray, or sepia. Here the buttons can again perform a wonderful function by adding colors to our room divider.

One button lamp

With the lamp, it works exactly as with the bag. We’ve all had one of those lamps that don’t help. These are usually lamps that we need but don’t particularly like. It is a pity that such an important element of the decoration as the lamp goes unnoticed.

To enjoy it, just put some color on it. Ultimately, we have to keep in mind that as Light source, the lamp must have a more protagonist entity. This form, with glued colored buttons on its surface it stands out and brings a lot of color and joy to any room. Simple craft buttons, I said.

Button mirror

We can build a frame of the shape we like the most for a button mirror. If you prefer, you can buy a mirror of the contour you want. The idea is to stick buttons of several colors around it. This idea is particularly suitable and fun for girls’ rooms.

Mirror with colored buttons

Planter with buttons

The button planter is a fun and easy way to bring a boring monochrome planter to life. In this case, it is enough to clean it well to remove the impurities, and to cover it with glue all around or in the area where you apply the buttons.

Mirror with buttons

Then glue the buttons. You can do it symmetrically, measure the distances and try to make everything more or less similar. Another alternative is to let your imagination run wild and put the colors where you want, how you want and in the order you want.

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