HandEnergy is a pocket-sized electricity generator. Generate your own clean energy with your body; store it and always take it with you to charge your devices wherever you are. The system is based on a gyroscope which, when you turn your hand, for example, produces energy that the same device stores so that you can use it later to charge your smartphone or other electronic device.


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HandEnergy is a new portable generator that wants to revolutionize the market by generating green energy with the movement of our body. It is able to transform kinetic energy into electrical energy. Its creator is Michael Vaga, a young man of 19.

With each revolution or movement, the rotor speed increases and generates more power, with an average speed of 5,000 rpm. It takes an hour of continuous movement to fully charge your battery.

Technical specifications:

  • Automatic ignition mechanism.
  • Height: 70.7 mm.
  • Width: 72.8 mm.
  • Weight: 380 gr.
  • USB output: 5 V – 1 A.
  • Battery: 980 mAh.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Average speed of rotation: 5000 rpm.
  • Built-in bluetooth to connect with the app.

A generator set for back-up use or for emergency situations where we run out of battery and have no outlet nearby. Let’s not just think of a phone, we can use it for devices like flashlights or cameras, where a small charge is more than enough to get us out of trouble.

The project was funded by a kickstarter campaign, where it raised more than € 70,000.

The device will be available from March 2017 at a price of 99 €.

More information: main.energy