Handmade Valentine’s Day Romantic Cards for 2021 with all the love and without being too complicated to create.


In a previous DIY 10 article we saw how to make stylish Christmas cards and now we want to teach you how to make cards for another special celebration such as Valentine’s Day and so you can surprise your partner, special friend or in love on the day that love is celebrated.

The classic materials to make these cards are cardboard, glue, decorative elements, felt, hot glue, buttons, etc. These materials are very easy to obtain and inexpensive, you can even have some in your home, so reuse!

With these materials, you can create cards with different styles, so that you can adapt it to your own tastes and those of the recipient: classic or retro style as well as modern, colorful and very elaborate … We will show you in the following sections different models so that you can be inspired.

How to Make Valentine’s Day Cards Step by Step

On the day of Valentine’s Day It is common for lovers to give each other a card on which they write down all the feelings of love they have for each other.

We can buy these cards at any gift shop, but the truth is that they take on a special and much more personal meaning if we make them ourselves. We can choose from different valentine card designs made by hand, although we will now recommend a few that also have in common that they are very easy to make.

If you want to make a cute card like the one you see above, with buttons, you just need a little enthusiasm because it is very easy to make. We also need the following materials:

  • Cardboard or card stock to cut out the card
  • Buttons in different colors and sizes
  • Glue
  • Red fine point marker

The first thing we need to do is cut out our cardboard or cardstock in the shape of a valentine card. In fact, the size can be the one you like the most.
Then once the card is cut, we take a few buttons and glue them on the part that this will be the center cap. You can glue it however you like, although the truth is that you can also make it in the shape of a heart so that it is much more suitable for Valentine’s Day.
Put glue and glue each button.

Once it has dried you can write a nice “I love you” next to the buttons or actually write the love message you prefer.

Ideas for making handmade Valentine’s Day 2021 cards

Romantic cards with chupa chups


Another romantic card idea for Valentine’s Day is to make them with the “help” of a candies, be it a lollipop or a “chupa chups”.

You can choose to butterfly shaped card stock then we place the candy in the middle, either by making a small notch through which the stick can be passed, or by gluing it with a little adhesive tape. Don’t forget to write a cute message and paint hearts.

Valentine’s Day Cards with Petals


You can also create a map like this. With a folio glued on top of the cardboard and from which we cut several hearts so that it has the shape of a flower.

You can write a love message in each heart so that the person receiving the card can be surprised.

Valentine’s Day Cards with Collage of Hearts


You can also try place a small “collage” on your Valentine’s Day card to make it much more romantic.

You can make hearts, stick flower shaped plush, bright details or drawings of different figures.

Valentine’s Day Dimensional Card

romantic-handmade-valentine-cards-little birds

This other Valentines day card It has a bit of everything, and while it sounds very complicated, it’s as simple as it is comprehensive.

Again, you will need buttons, different sizes to create the effect that we see, but most importantly, cardboard and wrapping paper in different shades and patterns make contrasts with the colors.

For the bird, for example, you can follow a very simple pattern, and for the envelopes, as usual when wrapping gifts.

Video showing how to make Valentine 2021 cards by hand

In the video that we show you below, you will see how to make a Valentine’s Day card step by step, with very simple and easy to find materials. Of course, don’t worry because you can personalize it with colors and any messages you can include so that this day will know how special it is to you.

What to put on a card for Valentine’s Day 2021

In addition to sharing with you how to make cards for Valentine’s Day, we want to give you ideas and inspiration for your romantic phrases. Sometimes not all of us have the power to speak and express all that we feel the moment we want to do it, for them we give you some ideas below:

  • Valentine’s Day is just a day, you are a life
  • Every day by your side is the best of days
  • Every time I look in your eyes I find the light of my life
  • Valentine’s Day is Valentine’s Day but you’re the love of my life
  • I didn’t know what love was until I found you
  • I never thought I could love this way, every day by your side is unique
  • If I could I would give you heaven and put the stars at your feet
  • “You are the best thing I have done for me”
  • Your beauty cannot be compared to nothing known, your heart is my paradise
  • With you I knew the true meaning of happiness
  • Every time your hand holds mine, I feel like I’ve found my place in the world.
  • You are my life

Whether you don’t like any of the romantic phrases or do you always want to be more specific? Do not hesitate to seek the great poets of history to find these verses which put words on what your heart beats: Neruda, Becquer, Benedetti …
“Make it clear to you, where your mouth ends, mine starts there”