Making Christmas cards is fun and easy for kids and adults alike. We show you some photographs which we hope will inspire you to create your own christmas cards 2020 hand made.

Handmade Christmas Card Cover 2020

All stores are starting to have their sections Christmas decoration and the craft zone begins to acquire these typical tones of these dates: red, silver, green, gold … Bright colors and softer tones, in all kinds of materials so that you can create a particular decoration.


We will show you different homemade christmas cards with different materials, some simpler and some more complex so that you can find the right one according to your envy and the skill you give it, as well as more sober or more striking designs.

Handmade Christmas Cards 2020

handmade christmas cards

The easiest and most traditional way to be able to congratulate family and friends who aren’t around is to send them a beautiful postcard or christmas card.

Although these days we can buy them in the store, it is also a good idea to make them ourselves, because this way we will save money (there are some postcards that are really expensive), and best of all is that we can do much more personal cards and that will allow us to have a good time.

Fabric Cover for Handmade Christmas Cards 2020

To make these Christmas cards we can even ask our children for help. So the little ones in the house will learn to make a simple craft, perfect for making this Christmas holiday, and they will surely want to congratulate Christmas with the cards they create for themselves.

Handmade Christmas cards 2020 with photo

how to make handmade christmas cards

It’s one of the cards that I still get year after year, although instead of sending us the family photo, they send us the photo of the little ones in the family with all kinds of Christmas outfits. Even so, whether it’s a photo of family, couple, friends, or just one, it’s still a subject that still looks good.

To create your own maps, all you need to do is:

  • The scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Glue stick
  • A family photograph


The idea of ​​this card is that it is completely original, so try to be the most creative possible in terms of the photograph or the outer frame -card- you use. Ideally, you should take a photo in a beautiful environment, where everyone is perfect and with a smiling face.

To make the map, cut the map to the size of a notebook sheet, fold it in half and cut and glue red card stock on all four front edges. If you want to give it more detail, you can apply glitter with glitter pencil or pops of color with rubber eva figures. Another option is to take some silk and stick it to the center of the card, so that when you open it it looks better and on the outside, closed, you can see the tip of the silk coming out of each. end (but that’s already a matter of taste).

Christmas cards 2020 with photo

The additional ornaments that you put on your card will be the ones that will give it personality and a special touch. The photograph, before gluing the red edges on it, you can cover it with a transparent sheet, so that it is protected and from light, the cover looks shiny, just like handmade diaries and notebooks.

Another entertaining variation is glue pieces of cotton on the card, simulating a snowy landscape around, with a photograph taken in a white environment, which you can mount in the living room of your home with white linens, winter clothes and a big smile.

Handmade Christmas Cards: Crafts

I leave you some pictures of other ideas that we found on the Internet to make your Christmas cards. These are simple cards to make and all of them are very pretty.

Look at them Christmas card: simple composition, material easy to find in any decoration or stationery store and which does not take a lot of time to prepare. The result is personalized and original.

Another alternative is to use, besides glitter, cardboard, markers and whatever else we can think of, something a little more elegant that highlights these. handmade christmas cards. In this case, we suggest finishing the map of the three golden Christmas trees, with a few decorative crystal stones. Just apply a little glue and let it dry to give them the ultimate point of sophistication.

Christmas Cards 2020 Handmade Crafts

And here are some craft Christmas card ideas you can make with kids:

Handmade Christmas Cards 2020: Shiny

Very simple and what can be done with children at home when they are very bored. We take a white card, and we are drawing Christmas balls. Then each of them fills them with small diamonds. Another option is to fill it, for example, with pieces of colored tissue paper. It will surely be very original.


On this occasion, we will replace the diamonds with sequins. In this version of Laura Podlich, see how you can easily make Christmas cards out of cardboard or folios of different shades of green and create them Christmas trees simply cut different sizes of triangles.

Handmade Christmas Cards 2020: Wrapping Paper


Wrapping papers or wrapping paper seem perfect to me for making 2020 Christmas cards like the ones you see above. All you need to do is cut strips of paper of different sizes, or triangles, and make Christmas trees like the ones we see here.

Christmas cards 2020 Handmade wrapping paper

What are they pretty? It can also be fully recycled if you take advantage of gift wrap that you have at home.

Handmade Christmas Cards 2020: Drawings


In these others, the draw or paint our own Christmas cards. If you are good at drawing or really like drawing, don’t hesitate. You can paint stars, leaves or Christmas balls. You can even ask your kids to create theirs.

Christmas Cards 2020 Hand Drawing

Obviously if we’re going to do Christmas cards with design, it is almost mandatory to do the craft christmas cards with the help of the children of the house. You can draw the Christmas pattern, be it a Santa Claus, or three cute penguins and cubs coloring the cards. If they are very small, it won’t be perfect, but it will be much more personalized and will denote a greater effort.

Christmas Cards 2020 Santa Claus Handmade

Use this oil or water-based paint to make it look like you just painted on a canvas and so that everything doesn’t get fired up, let them dry and only write them after a few hours.

Christmas Cards 2020 Professional Handmade Designs

And if you are an artist, do not hesitate and create your own handmade christmas cards with designs as cool as these.

Handmade Christmas Cards 2020: Buttons

And what do you think of some buttons? It’s similar to what we saw previously but instead of placing glitter or pieces of paper inside each of the balls you draw, you choose to glue a button.

If you choose two tones, as we see above, you can see how good it can be, although personally I would try to put buttons in different colors and it can be much more original and fun.


In this Christmas postcard from you can see how he combines buttons with natural detail like pine needles. In addition, he applied paint to the letters and snowflakes in the corners.

Handmade Christmas Cards 2020: Original

The idea of ​​making a 2020 Christmas card with buttons looks pretty good to me and if you were wondering how what I told you before could be, try different color buttons, here you have the result, what do you think?

The key is to glue small buttons on, as if they were at different heights and this way the map will be perfect without looking too saturated. You can even add something else like they did in the photo since they pasted letters or tiles from game Scrab forming the word Noel.

Christmas Cards 2020 Handmade Animal Blanket

And if the person receiving the handmade christmas card He loves animals, we have him more easily than anyone else. In this case, for example, with an owl. Just draw the owl pattern on a large card and cut it out. From there, we add parts of the body like the legs, the eyes or, finally, the rope that closes it, without forgetting to put the message inside.

Handmade Christmas Cards 2020 Cover Stickers

Do you have Christmas stickers all over the house? Do not hesitate and use them in your handmade christmas cards. Let your imagination run wild or, better yet, ask the little ones in the house for help.

Handmade Christmas Cards 2020: Recycled


This Christmas card is an ode to recycling because you can use recycled paper with pieces of Newspaper make a Christmas tree in the center. If you want to make him even more curious, you can use pieces of newspaper that form a kind of message for that person or that are loaded with good news.

handmade christmas cards

Another option with this type of paper would be these Christmas cards with hearts of different designs and which you can easily stick on or sew on, it already suits your taste and craft.

Handmade Christmas Cards 2020: Felt


One of the most endearing Christmas cards is that of, where we can see how he stuck on the base of the card the words Noel and using in the O a precious owl whose eyes move depending on how you place the card.


In this other image we can see multitude of greeting card designs in felt, all designed by, where we can see how Christmas can give a lot of play to DIY creativity: snowballs, holly leaves, Christmas tree, garlands, messages, etc.

Handmade 3D Christmas Cards 2020

And if you want to jump in handmade felt christmas cards master’s level, try to do a 3d map, which is simpler than it looks. In the end, just place the pieces that stand out correctly and opening the card will do the rest.

What do you think of these 2020 Christmas cards?

They are truly handmade regardless of the fact that we made them but that is not the only item we have on crafting for this Christmas. We recommend this other one that you will see because it interests you: