Too bad for the little one who does the First Communion as for the family, it is a very special day that we remember with great affection. What we love is that all the guests have a beautiful special memory of this day, which is why we are going to show you the handmade first communion keepsakes.

Handmade First Communion Souvenirs

Being an important day for us, it is very normal that you want to have a original and special detail for your guests and loved ones. A very good idea is to make memories of communion with the little ones in the house.

We are going to teach you very different memories, some simpler than others, join us and find out what they are:

Handmade First Communion Souvenirs: Confetti Bags

We start from the first idea you can have with the boy or the girl making the first communion to celebrate with the guests. the bags of confetti They are easy to make and your children can make them themselves.

The size, design and colors will be a little equal, your kids can choose them. What materials do we recommend? bags of felt, cotton, wool, crochet or fabric.

You can also paint them and even decorate them with a bow, inside we advise you to fill them with confetti and trinkets. This detail will be perfect for all children attending Communion. We leave you in the gallery more examples of bags.

Handmade First Communion Souvenirs: Decorated Boxes

After seeing the bags of confetti, we are now talking about the decorated boxes. A pretty special box can be a perfect First Communion keepsake. The first thing you need to think about is the material, if you are using plastic, wood, glass …

Once we know it, we will focus on the colors to paint or cover them with colored paper, rice paper, stickers or paste other accessories.

An original detail that you can do with your family. Which of the following boxes do you keep?

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Handmade First Communion Souvenirs: Candles

Nail candle It can also be very original, you just need to be a little creative and have some imagination. Normally, white candles will be used as they are a symbol of purity.

But you can use scented, colorful candles … and depending on that shape them even put a message for the guests that your child writes.

So that you can see more examples of First Communion souvenir candles, we leave this gallery with you.

Handmade First Communion Souvenirs: Book

One of the most common details in recent years for giving both guests and guests to the communion child is the books. When we talk about books, we are not referring to the typical book that children may like.

A book full of messages and dedications from all the guests, from all the people who want to wish him the best that day, from his family, friends from school … to the priest.

Everything so that in the future we will remember this special day, with messages from everyone who came or could not go but remembered the child. You can decorate it however you like, what is important, like all books, is the interior, the messages. Do you like this idea?

Handmade First Communion Souvenirs: Cookies

If you like to cook and do things together, another very creative and delicious idea is to make biscuits. You will have a great time with the children of the house thinking about what you are doing to them, chocolate, butter …

Once you know what kind of cookies you want to make, all you have to do is think about what shape you want to give it. After that, you will need to share them with your guests.

To give you ideas for cookies, shapes and more, we want to show you all of these cookie examples so you can surprise your friends and family with that original and rich first communion detail.

Communion details for children by hand

Logically, the age of the children in question should be taken into account, but it is also true that this is complicated, since one cannot think of a gift for each guest. In addition, nowadays it is not distinguished by gender in terms of taste and leisure, so to imagine a specific gift for children is somewhat complex. We offer you wooden shovels for animals which you can do yourself if you take a little care in the design. Take wooden sticks, for example ice cream. Color in the paintings and let your imagination fly by using your artistic instinct to capture your favorite animal design. Then take a rubber ball and a rubber band and make your animal wood shovel.


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Another very cool gift for communion boys is the Personalized photo frame. You need cardboard or recycled paper. You draw the figure of an athlete or a character on it but leave it colorless and a hole in the face. This hole will be used for the child to place his photo. While you will also need to add markers or colored pencils so that the child can color at will.


Communion details for girls handmade

A good handmade communion detail for girls can be a bracelet. To create it, you can go to a bead shop and buy the figurines and decorative elements or parts that you like the most. You only need a lanyard and you can already create your details yourself.


It is a rather unisex gift and also for adults, but you can make beautiful bookmarks made of cardboard or felt and eva rubber. You can also make them from other materials such as wool, fabric, and even a very thin wooden board.


You can also give personalized pencils with the girl’s name. To create such a communion detail, all you need is some pencils and an eraser handy. Draw and cut out the names on rubber foam and glue them on the pencils. Each girl will have her own.

Handmade Mens Communion Details

Can you make soap? If you know how to make it yourself, great. Otherwise, we advise you to buy several bars of a soap that you like and which is beneficial for male skin and melt it. Then fill a few measuring bottles with this liquid soap and you already have a very useful communion detail for men. A bottle of soap that you can carry in the car or in your briefcase for all situations.


Another memory of communion for men is the personalized stickers. All you need is a printer and Din-A4 adhesive paper on hand. Also buy some binding paper and create your own designs that you like. Once printed and dry, line it with the binding paper trying not to air out and roll it up to make it as tight as possible.


Communion details for women handmade

Custom scarves are a thing of the past but they are a nice detail that can be salvaged on an occasion like this. This involves buying handkerchiefs in plain fabric, and embroidering the woman’s name or an inscription such as the date of the event on them.


If you remember your school years where you made crafts with flour, water and salt, it’s time to reclaim that tradition. You can create custom brooches fun and precious with salt dough. You can also make them with fabric or just with threads.

brooch-woman-craft-souvenirs-of-first communion

Likewise, you can create custom hair clips or rubber bands.

Communion details of artisanal sweets

This personalized communion souvenir is for all audiences, or basically all those who can take sugar. We all love candy and they give a lot of play when it comes to making beautiful crafts and gifts and even for decoration.

souvenirs-of-first-communion-artisanal sweets

You can take paper cupcake liners or other similar colored paper bags that are sturdy and fill them with treats. Put a bow on it and you have a cute sweet basket. You can also take a small tin pot and fill it with jelly candies.

On the other hand, you will have seen that there are sweets that are colored chocolate stones. They are very decorative and you can give them as a gift in a fabric bag. If you can’t find the chocolate stones, you can use colored dragees.


Handmade First Communion Souvenir Photos

We present all handmade first communion keepsakes to keep in mind the most original and beautiful ideas. What is your favorite memory?

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