You surely take care of your hair, you want it to look as beautiful as possible. Not only because of his health, but by decorating it with, for example, a handmade headband. We will explain it step by step, because I will explain the details to you so that you can make your headband easily.

In fact it is the ideal accessory for your hair And, on the other hand, it is a very fun profession, because you will enjoy each of the steps. Start looking for the flowers you prefer for your headband: they can be both short shank as long.


If you choose short-stemmed flowers, you will glue the flowers to the headband, but if you choose long-stemmed flowers, you will take the stem and tie it to the headband, thus securing the flowers: they will neither loosen up nor will not detach the coiled rod.

Another option is to make your rocking headband with spikes. When you get the tips, you will stick them side by side with contact glue And you won’t need anything other than a plastic headband, picks and contact glue.

Likewise, a rocking headband can be made stick safety pins instead of barbs and you will fix them with contact glue and, as in the case of the previous idea, you need few materials. In fact, these are two very easy ways to make your headband original and cool with few materials and almost no work. But you can also make a handmade headband with braided ribbons. Find three different colored ribbons that you like and start braiding them.

Once you have your ribbon braid, glue it to the headband. For join the braid and highlight the decoration You can add a bouquet of flowers at the junction to make a spring headband. You can also try braided scarves or just a scarf, tying them at the side or at the back. This way you will give your scarf a different and modern use. In fact, there are many ways for you to wear a scarf, for example as a headband, as a belt … You can tie it and turn it into a bag or a sarong to place on your bikini. But, since now you are only interested in making a handmade headband, you will use a scarf to personalize it.

How to make a personal headband step by step

You’ve figured out how to create a personal headband step by step, right? But since there are so many options, now I will help you increase your creativity. Here you know the basic steps, but you can add other kind of decoration as you like and according to your style. In fact, with braided fabric threads, you can also make a good personalized headband for you or to offer as a gift. With rags you can also make necklaces and bags. It’s also a good way to recycle your old shirts that you no longer use.

In this case, you need the scissors, nail hook, hot glue, a plastic headband Yes t-shirt yarn. Start by choosing the yarn and the braiding. Cut the shirt into strips that you will turn into a braid and so that it does not fray, hold the ends with a clip. Then sew them with thread of the same color as the thread of the t-shirt and you can remove the clip because it will not untangle. Take the braid and place it on the headband. Once you’re happy with the design, glue it in place with hot glue.

How to make-a-person-headband-step by step

Handmade headband: ideas

However, as a handmade headband there are many options to make, read the one I indicate below:

What material do you need liquid silicone, nail feather, the plastic headband, a needle, a circle mold, thread, scissors and a piece of fabric that you want to use. Lay your chosen fabric flat on your work table. On the already stretched fabric, place the mold and then, with a pen, draw a circle. Mark the circle at least 5 times.


Make a circle of fabric and fold it in half. Take the needle and thread and start sewing the edge and repeat as many times as necessary so that a flower is formed. Put liquid silicone on a button and stick it to the center of the flower. Thinly glue the flower to one side of the headband and it will be ready to wear on your hair.

You have already read about different ways to finish your handmade headband with various decorations and using different materials. You even realized that you can make them from the simplest (with spikes or safety pins) to the most sophisticated, with fabric flowers. However, while these are all great ideas, your choice will mostly depend on your personal style. If you are a rocking lady, you will love to wear a spiked headband in your hair.

But if you’re a woman who loves style rustic and cool you will surely choose the headband with safety pins. And if you love to recycle materials and don’t know what to do with your old shirts, instead of throwing them away, you’ll turn them into fabric. Well, the fabrics you cut can be stitched together without seams to make them longer and so you can braid them more easily. To do this, take and join the ends of the two fabric threads you want to join. With scissors, make a hole cutting 1 cm at the ends.

Turn the end of one of the rags to the other side to face the holes. Take the end without a hole of one of the fabrics and pass it through the hole of the other. Seal the seam by pulling hard, and when you do the braid there will be no seams in the threads or visible seams.

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