Custom or handmade furniture is usually a good option when we have a specific type of furniture or style in mind that we cannot find in stores. Also for certain spaces which have measures which are not conventional. We can make our own furniture and the truth is it seems the latest trend is to have handmade kitchen furniture. Some of them from recycled items, some with premium materials, and we see all of that below.


Handmade kitchen furniture


How to get handmade kitchen furniture? The answer is simple, we can go to an expert or professional in furniture making, a carpenter or if you prefer you can try to make them yourself. It is not that difficult if you have some DIY experience and especially if you know exactly what kind of furniture you can make with your own tools.


Look for example this shelf you have in the photo above. It doesn’t seem too complicated to do and we can also say that it was created from a recycled item because before becoming a functional kitchen cabinet, they were some wood that may have been taken out of a box. Now let us hang pots and pans and be able to say that we could do it.


The wood it is perhaps the key element in making handmade kitchen furniture. You can buy it without problem, or as we have already seen, recycle it, cut it, sculpt it, whatever you want to create furniture like this other Don’t you think it’s a table that isn’t that hard to make? You will surely need several timbers of the same size and thickness, which are also well sanded, but you can always ask and be advised by a carpenter.

Handmade kitchen furniture | Pros and cons

hand-made-kitchen-furniture-pros and cons-handmade-wooden-painted-white-counter-tops

According to the kitchen furniture, we already see that we can make it ourselves. Others, on the other hand, are better than appoint a professional, who will take the measurements of the space that it should occupy and that can make your kitchen as beautiful as this countertop with white painted wood cabinets and drawers.


Having a handmade kitchen cabinet will mean how we’ll see that it fits the space we’ve allotted to it, but also has something “against” and this is its price since this type of furnitureIf we don’t do them ourselves, they sometimes double or even triple cost what a store-bought, factory-built piece of furniture would cost.

Video tutorial for making kitchen furniture by hand:

If you want to try making your own wood furniture, you can try learn by watching tutorials like this that we are showing you now and in which they were able to completely repair and reform the cabinet that contains the kitchen sink.