Thanksgiving is perhaps the most popular holiday in the United States and one of the traditions of this celebration is to send messages via cards so that if this year you want to celebrate Thanksgiving, nothing like making your own. cards. Below in DIY 10, Handmade Thanksgiving Cards – Thanksgiving Day 2020.

Handmade-Thanksgiving-Cards-2015-Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving cards are simple to make whether we regard them or value them, as if they were Christmas cards.

From this base it should be known that Thanksgiving is a celebration in which thanks are given for the family and for all that has been accomplished or that has happened throughout the year.

Handmade Thanksgiving Cards 2020 | Ideas

Make Thanksgiving-Thanksgiving Cards

It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, with a special dinner in which the whole family gathers, so that the cards to celebrate this day, usually have messages of love and especially with the word “Thank you”.

We can also add designs, details or links as we see in the map above.

But these are not the only ideas that we come up with and so, now we can see some ideal cards for this Thanksgiving 2020, all made by hand and with their corresponding explanation.

How to make a Thanksgiving card with hearts and bows


Here you have another beautiful handmade card that you can also make for your Thanksgiving party. You take a brown or earth colored cardboard box and fold them so that it looks like a card.

You cut hearts out of a material like eva rubber, although you can also do it with a leaf, and you make a hole in which you will pass a rope or several of colors (or painted). Then you paste it on the card and that’s it.

You just have to write a message in each heart like “Thank you”.

How to make a Thanksgiving card with leaves


Handmade Thanksgiving cards can be the ones we send to friends and family, but They can also be the ones that we can make to place them on the table where Thanksgiving is celebrated.

Cards that have each guest’s name on them so they know where they should sit and so we can do something as simple as take dry leaves.

We take several sheets and we write the name we want and we place it on each napkin or plate. Simple and perfect!

How to make a Thanksgiving card with kids


We can also choose to “ask for help” from the little ones at home and make our thanksgiving cards with them.

This way we can draw a pretty flower on a white card, simple, like the one above, and have our kids paint each petal however they want.

Next to the drawing we can also write a word like the name of the person we are sending it to and the word “Thank you” or “Thank you”.

How to make a simple Thanksgiving card


Here’s another simple handmade card that’s great for the Thanksgiving celebration.

It consists of another one of those cards to place on every dinner plate at our Thanksgiving dinner table, and it was only made with a cardboard box, to which A lower band is painted in another color, in addition to drawing a small turkey next to the name of each restaurant.

How To Make Thanksgiving Cards With Pine Needles

Handmade-Thanksgiving-Cards-Thanksgiving-Cards-Made-With-Pine Leaves

With simple pine leaves (or needles) and a blank card, we can make the best cards for this Thanksgiving.

All you gotta do is take a small cardboard box and make a hole in the upper left corner.

You must then pass a small pine leaf (cut the stem if necessary) and add the name of the person who will receive it. What is simple and original at the same time?

How to make Thanksgiving cards with caps


Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving cards are not only used to politely “thank” whomever we want, but are also used to seat diners at the table.

In this way, we can take and make something similar to the above, from three bottle caps of wine, with a little wool to make the head of a turkey with colorful feathers.

A “card” that we can place in each dining place during our Thanksgiving dinner and it will surprise everyone.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Card With Leaves and Cardstock


With the leaves we collect in the park, we can also make Thanksgiving cards as beautiful as these.

Cards composed of folded cardboard with the names of the guests to our party on each of them, we glued a small sheet.

You can also choose to paint each sheet a different color, and once it has dried, you can glue it on without any problem.

How to Make Pineapple Thanksgiving Cards


Pineapples are traditional for the fall and Thanksgiving season, so they can be a great idea to make cards for this celebration.

Take several pineapples that are not too big and You make a small cutout to place a card that contains the name of each of our guests, nothing could be simpler!

Handmade Thanksgiving Card Photos

Have you ever seen some great ideas on how to make handmade Thanksgiving cards, as well as you? we leave this photo gallery which show us how to make the perfect cards for this celebration.

Thanksgiving cards to download and print 2020

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