The 2020 wedding season has already started. Now every weekend there will be a lot of bonding until the cold weather hits and the celebrations decrease in number. Many brides decide to personalize their celebration and have everything they can at home. For it, Today we bring you a selection of handmade wedding gifts for guests 2020.

It is traditional that during weddings, but also baptisms and communions, those who celebrate the event entertain their guests before ending with a souvenir or a detail. Usually something is given that everyone can like and which bears the couple’s name and the wedding date. It’s a way of thanking the guests who attended the event.

Handmade Wedding Favors For Guests 2020

Traditionally, wine has always been given to men and useful details to women. For example, a scarf, brooch, or something similar. Although it is also quite common to give women a box of chocolates.

However, with the rise of DIY (do it yourself or do it yourself) There is a growing trend of giving handmade wedding gifts. It’s a trend that saves the couple money, but more importantly, it allows them to give a personalized gift that truly represents them.

In the trend of making souvenirs by hand, one of the things that has become the most fashionable is giving food as gifts. Details such as jams, marc, cookies, etc. We have more and more things and it is difficult to find room for the memories of all the events that we attend. For it, giving something ephemeral is a good solution. Once the guests have consumed the gift, they will no longer have to store another item.

Handmade Wedding Favors For Guests 2020 | Economic

How much money you can spend on wedding favors will depend exclusively on your budget, because there are options for all budgets. From expensive gifts to cheap and affordable details.

One of the best handmade wedding gift ideas for clients on a budget is to think about reusable items. For example, give part of the decoration. You can use wedding favors as centerpieces or to indicate where guests are seated. After the celebration is over, someone needs to take the decorations apart so that the keepsakes can be given to the guests. And they will have the feeling of participating in the event at home.

In this direction, You can make photocall props at home and customize them for each guest. They will take a keepsake and use it at the wedding as well. You can do it with cardboard or foam rubber, on the Internet you will find many models to make this type of accessories.

Another way to reduce costs is to personalize and manufacture the souvenir packaging. More and more gifts wrapped in kraft paper or decorated with raffia are carried. You can give them a handmade detail and packaged this way to be completely on trend without spending a lot.

In this type of envelopes you can give bookmarks or something similar, and personalize the exterior with different phrases for each guest. You will not leave anyone indifferent!

Handmade Wedding Favors For Guests 2020 | Originals

If you want to surprise your guests, our first tip is to avoid the classics. No wine, chocolates or pashminas. Today, there are many options that everyone will love.

For example, if you want to give original handmade wedding favors, Why not use succulents? You can find them at any florist, and then it will be up to you to customize a few small pots and leave the plants well prepared. Of course, do not prepare this detail far in advance, otherwise you will take care of a lot of plants for weeks.

And if you’re good at baking, One of the trends of the moment is to offer themed cake pops or cupcakes. The downside to this gift is that it has to be made the night before, otherwise it will be dry and ruined. Obviously, not all brides will have the time, energy, and calm enough to bake so many cakes and cakes the day before their wedding.
If you finally go for this type of gift, there are plenty of ways to decorate them. You can use the groom and the bride, something they always love and which is very original, or decorate them with the colors of the event. Being already very detailed, you could decorate each cake according to the guest to whom you are going to deliver it, but this already involves work which can be excessive.

A very original and personalized detail would be to give something of your own harvest. If you have a garden or produce some kind of food, you can allocate a party for handmade wedding gifts for the guests. Or, in case that’s not your situation, you can purchase the product from a local artisan producer and then customize the presentation.

Think presentation is one of the most important aspects. How you deal with these types of details will determine the type of celebration you want your guests to remember.

Handmade Wedding Favors For Guests 2020 | Elegant

The most popular handmade wedding gifts for stylish guests in 2020 are soap boxes. There are many, many to choose from, and stores that have workshops to create the soaps on site. You will have to choose from a multitude of aromas and finishes. You are sure to find something you like!

This type of keepsake can be presented in tastefully and carefully decorated boxes. Satin or organza bows, small flowers or handwritten labels will be elements that will make the difference.

When choosing the type of handmade wedding favors you want to give to your guests, think about how much time you have to spend on them and what you do best. Remember, now is not the time to start learning new and difficult things because you probably have a lot to organize and a lot of stress. Try to enjoy your day and do what makes you happy.

The following items will be very helpful in continuing to personalize your wedding: