Despite the fact that the Harry Potter saga, both in cinema and in books, has been behind him for several years, it is still one of the franchises that attracts the most children. Its magical universe, its quality literature and its spectacular adventures are ideal for developing children. To complete it, nothing like spending time with our children and doing Harry Potter crafts that are easy to make with kids

Harry Potter crafts that are easy to make with kids

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

The first thing we have to do to be magicians is know which school of magic we should go to. To achieve this, we need a Sorting hat and building one is very simple. We will need a round cardboard base, paper wrapping tape and a newspaper. It is one of Harry Potter crafts that are easy to make with kids more pintona

Easy Harry Potter Crafts to Make with Kids' Sorting Hat

The first thing to do is to make three cones, one large, one medium and one small, out of newspaper and glue them to the cardboard base. Then we go papers to stick around them, giving them the shape of the sorting hat and sealing them with duct tape. When we have it ready, just apply a coat of watercolor, paint, spray or whatever we think is convenient in dark brown.

Well, and pray that you choose us Hogwarts and not in Gryffindor or Slytherin.

Magic library

is library magical is also one of Harry Potter crafts that are easy to make with kids more striking, although more decorative than practical. And it is that the books that we use, we will not be able to take them for reading, unless we remove them. Therefore, it is convenient to use the ones we know we won’t need.

Easy-to-make Harry Potter crafts with children's magic library

Is it worth it? The result is in sight. Just place one book on top of another and stick them to the wall with industrial glue. If it’s on wallpaper, so much the better. For books that curve, it is better to support them on scaffolding that you improvise and thus prevent them from falling. Books open at the end of the row are essential. They have a great look.

Quidditch Golden Snitch

One of Harry Potter’s most shocking moments is when its protagonists play Quidditch. The flying brooms are imposing but it is the Golden Snitch the one that steals the hearts of all fans of the saga. Well come in Harry Potter crafts that are easy to make with kids, we suggest you get a snitch.

Harry Potter Crafts Easy To Make With Kids Golden Snitch Quidditch

As easy as taking a golden Christmas ball and two feathers that you can borrow from a feather duster in your home. Glue them with strong glue, one on each side of the ball and let them dry. If you do it with several, you will have one magic decoration for your Christmas tree.

Large floating dining room candles

Do you want to create a magical and special atmosphere in any room in the house? Try these large floating dining room candles that everyone will believe they are at Hogwarts with. To make them you need empty rolls of paper towels or toilet paper, candles with LED lights, thick wire, and drawing pins. The result of these Harry Potter crafts that are easy to make with kids it’s spectacular

Easy Harry Potter Crafts With Kids Flying Candles

Insert a candle into each roll of paper you have, as they usually fit together nicely. If not, you can help them with glue. Then make two holes in the roll and put a thick thread of about 30-40 cm that comes out from both sides and make a loop. The candle from the ceiling will be suspended from this wire, which we will hold with tacks which, despite making a hole, are not too visible.

Magic door

One of the Harry Potter crafts that are easy to make with kids easier to do but, at the same time, more spectacular. To create this magic door We just need several black cards and glue or velcro to stick it to the door frame.

Easy Harry Potter Crafts with Kids' Magic Door

We cut the cardboard into rectangles of similar size, but we glue them, one on top of the other, of irregular shape. Giving the shape of a horseshoe is not at all complicated, so in a few minutes you will have a magical door in the house.

Flying letters

Another of Harry Potter crafts that are easy to make with kids who strikes first. The loose envelopes They have a dual function because, in addition to decoration, they can collect messages for family, friends or even Christmas letters for Santa Claus or the Three Kings.

Easy Harry Potter Crafts with Kids Stealing Letters

The best thing is that you will only need 30 envelopes, 30 sheets to fill them in, a pen for writing, a fine thread or fishing line, and 5-10 pins, depending on how many rows you are hanging. Just make a hole in each wrap and pass the thread through. This wire will go to the ceiling and we will secure it with the thumbtack. You can also change the holes and pins for duct tape, it’s just as effective.

Caught Doxy

Were you looking for fairies and you caught a doxy? Brag about it and show it to everyone who comes to you. To do this, you need a large glass jar, black cardboard, white tissue paper, a rope or bow, and a led candle. It is one of Harry Potter crafts that are easy to make with kids no more curradas but the result is great.

Easy Harry Potter Crafts to Make with Doxy Trapped Kids

The first thing to do is find a drawing of a doxy, draw it on the black cardboard and cut it out. Make sure it fits in the jar as this is where it will go, in particular, glued to one of the interior walls with a glue stick. Before closing the bottle, put the led candle and light it so you won’t forget it later. Close the jar and decorate the area under the lid with the string or bow.

Then take the white tissue paper and go around the entire jar. If you can, let him get to the top. Feel free to take it out and put it back if you need to. Seal it with a glue stick or duct tape, whichever is less noticeable. And when you’re done you’ll see that you have a wonderful lamp with a doxy inside.