Parquet or white flooring is now a clear Scandinavian influence, despite the fact that centuries ago it was common practice in European Victorian palaces and mansions.

Advantages of white floors and disadvantages

  • Offers a modern and elegant look. White has the virtue of increasing the brightness of a room more than any other color.
  • Sensation of space. As with light, a white parquet enhances the feeling of spaciousness. Changing a dark parquet for a white one in a small room will be like entering a different room, and if the room is already large, the feeling is even greater.
  • Ease of decoration. One of the great advantages of this color is the ease of combination and the great possibilities it offers to highlight any element, whatever the style or trend we follow, it is enough to have a minimum of criteria to obtain a good result. It allows us to open a new world of combinations to be made, for example, the result with brightly colored carpets is really impressive.
  • Although white is not exactly a warm color, a white floor brings warmth and a feeling of home to any space.

On the other hand, if we abuse this color by adding a white laminate floor or flooring, the result can be very cold. It would be interesting in this case to play with the decor and / or use rugs or other fabrics.

Options for having a white parquet

Light woods

There are woods with light tones that would allow us to have a wooden floor with a color close to white. Some of these woods are white oak, eucalyptus or even beech (without vaporizing).

Although the result is not a completely white floor, the result in terms of tonality can be very similar, so we will have all the advantages of a white parquet maintaining the aesthetics that only wood can provide.

White parquet paints

White painted parquet

If the floor is made of natural wood and there is no problem in sanding and painting, it will not be difficult to have a white wood floor. The process is similar to painting any other wooden surface: one coat of primer and then at least two of paint or varnish, always remembering that it will be necessary to sand the surface before applying any product.

For this case, it will be more than advisable to choose particularly resistant and highly washable inks. And, of course, be aware that from time to time you will have to do some touch-ups. If our intention is to have a floor of this aesthetic in a high traffic area, for example, a store, painting is not the most recommended option.

If the parquet is badly damaged or if it is not very good wood, painting is an option to give it a new life and hide many of these imperfections.

There are other products, some oils, that can allow us to bleaching and / or wood debarking. This is a way to get closer to the color we are looking for, keeping in part the color differences that the wood grain provides. The result can vary a lot depending on the product and the wood.

White synthetic laminate flooring

transparent laminate

These types of floors are basically wooden slats with a stamped and laminated top layer. This top coat can be any color and texture so it will not be difficult to find a laminate floor in light colors that is white or even pure white.

The advantage of opting for this white floor option is that installation is relatively quick, requires no work and if after some time we decide to change it it will be as easy as dislodging all the sheets. On the other hand, we must be aware that the result is clearly not the same, we are not talking about the wood itself, and it is also possible that it will yellow more quickly than other shades.