Netherlands launches first 100% plastic-free supermarket aisle

The first 100% plastic-free supermarket aisle is finally a reality in Amsterdam. It has just been inaugurated by the Ekoplaza chain and, although it is only one linear, the event marks time in a universe, that of commercial surfaces, infected by the plastics epidemic that is spreading worldwide. Considered an emblematic point in the global fight against this material, this initiative can pave the way for other players in the sector, in addition to offering customers something that, until now, had been resisted: an option of plastic-free purchase.

And this option, although it seems hard to believe, is spreading in this supermarket in up to 700 products ranging from meat to dairy, through cereals, chocolate and even sauces. In all of these cases, plastic packaging will be replaced by more sustainable options, based on new compostable biomaterials, or classics like glass, metal or cardboard.

They will also come out of the plastic wrap on this driver, possible thanks to the alliance between Ekoplaza and A Plastic Planet, fruits and vegetables. The measure, still geographically distant, thus responds to the growing discomfort caused by the over-packaging of fresh food. Proof of this is the #DesnudaLaFruta campaign, activated in Spain to publicly denounce this problem, as well as to raise awareness and demand. The aim is for the plastic-free corridors that the Netherlands is currently opening to be extended, also here.

“We know that our customers are tired of dealing with the products surrounded, layer by layer, by thick plastic containers “, fits in a Release the leader of Ekoplaza, Erik Does. There aren’t many in your industry that would revalidate your words, let alone your initiative.

“The main European supermarkets must follow the leadership of Ekoplaza and introduce linear without plastic as the first step to start closing the tap on this material, asks the thread Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A plastic planet. He does not hesitate to qualify as a milestone an initiative which, underlines, opens the door to a future “In which the public can choose to buy with plastic or without plastic”.

This first step will not remain simply symbolic, but will go further. Indeed, this commercial area specializing in organic products plans to set up the plastic-free aisle in each of the 74 establishments it has in the Netherlands throughout 2018. The next one will open in June in The Hague, whose consumers will also have the option of not contributing to the proliferation of plastic waste with their daily purchases.