I have friends who are architects who find more and more customers interested in applying Feng Shui decoration in their homes. So I will dedicate today’s post to this oriental discipline that proposes to live in harmony, activating the positive energy that is around us, in this case through the distribution of our furniture.

How to have a Feng Shui room?

Intimacy and tranquility are the two basic pillars to achieve harmony in the environment where we spend most of our lives. The order, the light, the colors and the use of natural materials will help us to achieve a perfect Feng Shui room.

feng shui bedroom

Objective: a regular plant at any cost

According to the principles of Feng Shui, the ideal environment to sleep, rest, must have a regular, rectangular or square shape, avoiding asymmetrical planes. To achieve this, we must not ignore any optical trick used in the decoration. Strategically positioned fabrics, furniture and accessories or carpets or pictures.

Furniture made of natural materials

Keep computers, TVs and others out of the room electrical appliances such as alarm clocks or radios. Bet, however, on wood and natural fabrics such as wool, cotton or linen and for quality furniture avoiding synthetic materials. All of them will attract positive energy and increase our creativity, but also our rest.

Nothing around here nothing around

The best complement to any room that follows the dictates of Feng Shui is order. This discipline seeks that the energy flows naturally and for that, it needs clutter-free spaces and accessory or useless objects. Mercilessly pulls and cleans the walls and the area around the bed. In this way, you will achieve a relaxing and cozy space.

The importance of light and color in a room with Feng Shui decoration

Forget the excessively bright lights directed on the bed and opt for sufficient and indirect lighting, which highlights the points you want to accentuate. As for color, Feng Shui defends blue, a color that protects dreams; for peaches and calming beiges and for the palette of roses, calming and creative at the same time.

The best views, the best situation

The room must be located in a cool and ventilated area to enjoy the summer. We must make this space warm and cozy in winter, using bedspreads and blankets made of natural fabrics, in addition to curtains and rugs. It is recommended, always according to Feng Shui advice for the bedroom, that the bed be raised on legs that allow the flow of energy at night.

And also harmony outside

No more sleeping between four walls when the weather is nice. Many Feng Shui tips come together in this trend: natural materials, fluid energy, light colors, quality fabrics …

Feng Shui Decorated Kitchens


The first thing to keep in mind is that there are two fundamental elements in the kitchen: water and fire. Both symbolize the vitality and creativity of the inhabitants of the house, we are facing a very important stay.

The elements of the fire (stove, oven, microwave) must be grouped on one side and those of water (refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine) on the other. But always separated, for example, by a table. If we have no choice but to leave them together, we will use something symbolic to separate them, such as a wooden board or a plant. We will never put the kitchen in front of the refrigerator or the sink.

The distribution and decoration of our kitchen’s Feng Shui can protect us from negative energies, activating positive energy in a special way. For something this art considers that the family’s health is represented in this room. Here are some interesting tips for improving feng shui in the kitchen:

Where to put the door

The council begins with ensuring that it is located as close as possible to the rear of the house as it should not be seen from the front door. In that case, you should always keep the door closed. In addition, it is preferable that the door of this room is not aligned with that of the main entrance to protect it from the evil that can enter through it. Nor should it be located near the bathroom to avoid electrical shock.

Water against fire- HOME FENG SHUI DECORATION FOR 2020

In the kitchen there are two powerful elements, water and fire, which must be harmonized. The important thing is that are separate, but not faced, so that the washing machine, the refrigerator and the sink are on one side. The oven and the fire to each other, separated by some wooden or metal object. In addition, fires should not be placed under a window to avoid negative energies.

The always full fridge to improve feng shui in the kitchen

The key to having good feng shui in the kitchen is to have the refrigerator well stocked with food anytime, any day of the week. And the refrigerator is like the urn full of rice that the Chinese traditionally put in the kitchen to ensure that there is never a shortage of food. This same principle is also valid in the case of a pantry.

Colors and materials that protect us

The most advisable colors for the kitchen are warm and calm like ocher or light yellow, which help to create a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for when we sit down to eat or for the food preparation process itself. In terms of materials, wood is a great company. Putting cabinets and other furniture made with this material will give us an intense feeling of protection.

Details are important in home FENG SHUI DECORATION FOR 2020

All kitchen furniture must have the Rounded corners. The right angles of the shelves can be smoothed by adding a ruffle or ornament that surrounds them a little. Put on fresh plants or flowers it will bring harmony to the environment, while strands of hanging onions or garlic are not a good omen. No hanging pots or pans.

Good food and kitchen utensils in perfect condition

Energy also affects what we eat, so if it is positive, the food we prepare will be healthy and nutritious. On the contrary, if it is negative, less tasty and healthy dishes will appear. In addition, we must be extremely careful with expired foods, as well as with all deteriorated, chipped or broken objects, so that they do not affect the energy of the environment.

Feng Shui in offices and workplaces

feng shui in the office

Did you know that the entrance has to be spacious and well lit? And that it is essential to ventilate every day for the energy to flow? Discover these and other keys of feng shui for offices and workspaces with which you can improve the state of your business and activate your growth.

Colors or how to find balance

The feng shui decoration aims to balance yin and yang, opposite elements, through which we will achieve harmony in the office. Yang energy brings creativity and comes from the hand of light, cheerful colors, fresh plants. Yin energy is cold, but without it, the set does not work. The gray colors and cut crystals will filter the light, compensating for the excess yang.

Clean air, lots of light and good music

Every day we must ventilate the office well to let the energy flow, without stagnating. In comparison to heating and air conditioning, fresh air and natural sunlight become the best allies of natural energy. The offices where work with music they are more pleasant and harmonious than those in which it is done in silence.

Keys to our work

Doors must not be behind; the walls do so, offering support and protection. The wider and stronger the wall behind us, the greater your protection. We will never sit facing the wall, but if we have no other choice, we will place it in front of a photograph or drawing with water that will broaden our horizons. The image of a green field also produces this effect.

Order: an essential Feng Shui

We will never leave messy papers or folders in front of us, as they will block our way and we will not be able to move forward. Chaos should not take over our table when it comes to feng shui at work: if our papers are stacked, we will put them on the sides; never move on. If we intend to hang our titles on the walls, we will do it on the left. If possible, avoid placing tables near fax machines or photocopiers.

Symbols that will bring business luck

Turtles are animals that attract and retain good luck. The color red is a note with very positive effects in the offices, while the lucky cat, white with black and gold spots, located at the entrance of the office, will attract successful business. An oriental belief recommends us to move 27 objects that have remained immobile during the last year.

Bamboo is very popular in this art, if well placed it is considered capable of bringing positive energy and good luck.

We should avoid facing Feng Shui in offices …

… Dried plants and flowers, drafts, dirt or images of water behind us. In addition, Feng Shui in business discourages low ceilings, ugly views, tables in front or at the end of a corridor. We can neutralize the harmful effects with the help of live plants, improving the lighting, with colored curtains or painting the walls in white or yellow.