Plastic-free water balloons. A kit to make waterballs that can be thrown and even eaten!

Imagine throwing a giant water droplet at a friend – that’s what it feels like to hold a water balloon without a balloon. The exterior of the giant drop is smooth and bursts when thrown or dropped.

With this kit, you only need a few items from your kitchen to make them. It only takes about 20 minutes, including finding the necessary materials!

The kit comes with a set of instructions and sodium alginate and calcium lactate amounts from the recipe.

The process is a well-known culinary technique. There are chefs all over the world who use spherification to do everything from delicate fruit juice bubbles and fake caviar to edible water bottles.

Funny, the two chemicals used in this process are quite common. For example, calcium lactate is a main ingredient in pickles, and sodium alginate is used by brown algae to maintain their cell walls. It even smells of the sea!

When a tablespoon of the sodium alginate solution is placed in the calcium lactate bath, a spherical shape is drawn and a gelatinous membrane develops.

This process is not only plastic free, it is very safe for children or pets. The two chemicals have been studied alone and in combination. They have long been considered safe and edible. The membrane created by these chemicals resists degradation by human digestive enzymes, and alginates are classified as dietary fiber.

There are 7 easy steps that are included in the kit. Each step is clear and easy to perform.

This project is part of a fun experiment in which the creators launch smaller campaigns.

They were sold in his Kickstarter campaign.