Home remedies for nasal congestion
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To relieve nasal congestion, medications are often used. Depending on the cause that produces it, you can relieve it with natural remedies that are very easy to prepare.

There are several diseases of the respiratory system. The most common is influenza. There are many symptoms associated with a cold, but one of the most annoying is nasal congestion. This happens because the soft tissue inside the nose becomes inflamed, preventing it from breathing well and resting.

Nasal congestion is caused by different reasons. The most frequent are:

  • Pollen allergy.
  • Allergies typical of the season.
  • Deviation of the nasal septum.
  • Fever.
  • Inhalation of cigarette smoke (active and passive).
  • Cold.
  • Rhinitis.
  • Hypertrophy adenoids.
  • Inflammation of the respiratory tract.
  • Sinusitis.
  • Nasal polyps.
  • Excessive use of nasal decongestants.

How to relieve nasal congestion?

If symptoms persist for several days, See a doctor so that you research the cause of the problem, as treatment will depend on the cause that triggered the inflammation of the respiratory lining. During this time, you can use natural remedies which can provide relief and which are easy to prepare.


Its oil has an action antibacterial and antioxidantIt also strengthens the immune and respiratory system.

How to prepare it.

Add 500 ml. of water in a saucepan. Once boiling, add 15 ml of thyme essential oil. When taking the inhalations, it is recommended that you cover your head with a towel and absorb the steam for about fifteen minutes.

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The operating procedure is similar to that explained previously. An infusion is made with oil essential eucalyptus then inhale.


The essential oil of this plant helps reduce buildup of mucus in the airways and it is most suitable for the treatment of flu, cough and nasal congestion.


Pour 30 ml of lavender essential oil in a container, as well as 30 ml of almond oil. Mix the ingredients well and apply directly to the chest, neck and back. Using the same amount of ingredients, you can also do this with mint and apply it before going to bed.


It has therapeutic properties. Its infusion is used to treat influenza and in the form of vapor. Within minutes, it relieves congestion.

Helpful tips for relieving nasal congestion.

  • Avoid temperature changes.
  • Take hot balsamic drinks.
  • Sleep with two pillows that keep your head up.
  • Bathe in lukewarm water. Humidity and heat provide relief.
  • Perform nasal washes with physiological water.
  • Blow your nose gently.

Always consult your doctor before starting any drug treatment.