One of the most important qualities of the festival of Halloweenis that it gives you the option to dress up like any fantasy you want. However, realistic makeup and costumes require special materials, as well as the knowledge and skill to create. Anyway, we can think of some ideas that, although they are very simple, will allow us to make the best homemade costumes for Halloween 2020 as you see below.

Homemade costumes for Halloween 2020

Homemade costumes for Halloween 2014

During the last years, Halloween It has gained strength in adults, who dress in their favorite characters, wear masks, and create a fictional character for a laugh.

Although Halloween is a traditional holiday in Anglo-Saxon countries like the United Kingdom or the United States, it is currently becoming more and more popular in many countries around the world, especially in Latin countries. Plus, while Halloween is the order of the day, it’s also a party kids can enjoy.

Homemade costumes for Halloween 2014

Here I will give you some ideas on how to easily create homemade outfits, like this one from witch, Furthermore easy and that doesn’t require preparing so many details. You need a long black dress (which can also be a coat like the one you see in the picture), a hat that ends in a point, stiletto heels or high boots, black painted nails, black painted lips, pale skin (or green in color) and a black tunic that you can make yourself if you are wearing a dress.

A variation of this costume is to add to the witch costume, spider webs created with cotton threads that you can shred at home and lay out on you. The wig you wear can be long white hair.

Homemade costumes for Halloween 2014

Halloween is the holiday in which the majority of costumes, not to say that they all have to do with the theme of horror and fantasy. For boys we offer an Eduardo Scissorhands costume Although it may sound very difficult, it is not that difficult.

To make this costume you only need a pants and a black t-shirt or sweater. To the clothes you have to tie various belts, that can be done with a little ingenuity (for example using pieces of fabric with pins or strips of cardboard). Then we take a wig or if you have long hair, you can imitate the hairstyle.

To make them hands in scissors, you can choose to make them with cardboard which is shaped like scissors then stick them to your fingers.

Homemade costumes for Halloween 2014

For the kids, we also looked at how to make a fun costume for Halloween 2014. We think the one from Minion, character from the movie “Despicable Me 2”, it is perfect for boys and girls.

To do it at home, you will only need a denim overalls, a yellow hoodie and nothing else. Paint the your son’s face in yellow and also put aviator glasses on his head. You are sure to have fun like never before this Halloween.

If we shoot subjects, we can always go to the costumes of famous characters from horror movies. Many of them are very easy to do, and that’s enough with 3 or 4 details and successful makeup. For example, one of the most famous villains in horror movies is Freddy krueger. How can we forget this monster with claws that entered our nightmares? To dress up as Freddy all you need is claws, a hat and a sweater like hers.

freddy krueger costume
Another typical horror movie character is Jason voorhees, from the saga of Friday 13. We can’t say more about the films except for the fact that apart from the first, the others are all quite… regular. But the character of Jason Voorhees has gone down in history as one of the most sadistic killers in fiction. You could, without a doubt, terrorize more than one in your neighborhood if you could make a homemade Jason Voorhees costume as cool as this one.

Jason Vorhees Costume

Some say that Dracula it’s a bit old fashioned. However, the human blood count continues to look just as bad in the eyes of many, waiting for Hollywood to give it another opportunity to hook up the new generations. The Dracula costume is very simple, and above all, the important thing is to put on good makeup. The boy in the photo, of course, would have had a much more attractive costume.

dracula costume
Sometimes with a few small makeup details you can also achieve very successful effects. For example, look at how “beautiful” this girl’s costume is. Jigsaw, the villain of the famous Saw movie saga. In this case, makeup is everything, since any lover of the saga will know who is dressed, without having to wear the character’s mask. A very original option that looks great.

saw suit
Be careful, on Halloween you have neither the obligation nor the need to go see a famous horror character, you can also choose makeup inspired by a character, or simply improvise. For example, this girl’s makeup for Halloween is reminiscent of typical Halloween movies. Tim burton, You do not think?

Halloween costume
In fact, Halloween has already become such an international holiday that it has been mixed with other cultures and, truth be told, it’s almost an excuse to celebrate a second carnival, in fact, it doesn’t even have to be. to dress up as something terrifying. Although, in this case, how funny is that?

Photos of homemade costumes for Halloween 2020:

We leave you an image gallery in which you can see a lot more homemade costumes for Halloween, in case you have any ideas.