Celebrating carnival can be an excuse to promote sustainable and recycling ideals. This is how we remove that shadow that the carnival party has when it’s tied to trash, and the tons of trash it leaves behind. Let us choose to make our costumes with recycled materials, whether they are original, let us bring the ecological message to our friends and acquaintances. Here at WoodMe we will show you some ideas for Homemade costumes with recycled materials for Carnival 2021.

recycled paper disguise

Like everyone else, we want to celebrate this fun carnival party, but without wasting or generating tons of waste. For this, the ideal is to do homemade costumes with recycled materials.

Let’s not buy disposables, let’s use what we have at home, which is generated in the daily environment of the home. Plastics, papers, cardboardAnything can make a great costume as seen in the sample photos.

recycling carnival costume

¿What can we recycle? No, would be the question. Everything goes in there, old newspaper, cardboard boxes that we don’t use, cans, plastic bottles, corks. Old torn clothes, pieces of fabric. It will all depend on our ability to reuse it later.

Everything can be reused, and this is precisely the Carnival a date where everything is worth it, and if what we’re looking for is an original costume, what better way to do it than with the craziest and ridiculous things you can think of.

Original homemade costumes for Carnival 2021 with recycled materials

recycled costume dresses

We can do it all carnival party something fun and sobering. Since if we choose to do the recycled original costumes, we can teach the ideals of sustainability, recycling, to our friends, parents and especially children, to whom we can show that recycling can be fun.

Let’s see, for example, the above paper dresses, all with recycled papers, cardboard and CDs. So we see that almost everything works to make a fun costume for kids to learn.

Or the one below, using cardboard and disposable plastic plates, they made these awesome giant legos. The ingenuity associated with recycling can go a long way.

recycled cardboard costume

Here is a selection of some homemade costumes with recycled materials that we found online that may give you some great ideas for your own.


astronaut costume
There are many children in the world who have dreamed or dream of someday being astronauts and be able to travel through the stars. It is undoubtedly a typical desire of young and dreamy minds. Although as they grow up they realize that becoming an astronaut is much more difficult than you might think in those tender ages, they can still feel like real astronauts, for example in this area. Carnival 2021.

In the photo above you can see an example of children disguised as astronauts and with a costume made with recycled materials. In fact, much of the costume is just white clothes like the astronauts. What really gives it the touch is the helmet and all the accessories that the suit wears, which you can make out of cardboard, or simulate oxygen bottles with plastic bottles painted white.


pina costume
Cardboard is one of the most popular materials for making costumes. We can reuse it to make almost anything, although it should be borne in mind that it is a fairly fragile material and can be bent or broken easily. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to strengthen it with a double or triple layer.

For example, a very simple children’s costume is dress in fruit. There are a lot of options and we can cut and paint cardboard in any shape and color of the fruit we want. In the picture we can see a pineapple costume for kids made with recycled materials. To our taste, the hat would be missing and it could already be the Gazpacho de Los Fruitis. Although I guess the children of today who are already very far away …

Minecraft character

minecraft costume
Minecraft is one of the most famous games of recent years. It’s a sandbox where you can collect and build pretty much anything you want, chopping up materials to get more and thus get better summits and build more spectacular structures and worlds. The acceptance of this game around the world has been great, to the point that it is one of those that has fostered the phenomenon of gamers and youtubers, thanks precisely to gameplays of games like Minecraft.

In addition, the graphic aspect of the game is very curious since it is built exclusively on the basis of cubes. Therefore, Minecraft figures and characters they succeed more and more Carnival. First, because it’s a game that is already well known to almost everyone (especially the new generations) and secondly because to make a costume you won’t need much … You can dress like you do. wants, and just put a cardboard box on our heads. Of course, the box should be decorated like the character from Minecraft. You can also make a sword or a pickaxe with cardboard, with the appearance of large “pixels”, to make them the same as those in Minecraft.


minions costume
Another of the childhood phenomena of recent years has been the servants. These adorable little characters made their mark in the movie Gru: My Favorite Villain, and since then their popularity has only increased to the point that they have already had their own movies and video games.

In recent years, the minions costume It is becoming a carnival classic, both for children and for the elderly, it is also a costume that serves both boys and girls. And it’s not particularly difficult to do either. If you have a yellow plastic garment, you can add details with cardboard or other reused materials and create a comedic Minion costume for this 2021 carnival.


carnival wig
Another function of the recycled material is to manufacture wigs or masks. For example, as you can see in the image above, you can use the toilet paper rolls to create an amazing wig with curls. This type of wig can be accompanied by a costume from the Victorian era. Additionally, the costume, like the one in the picture, can also be made with recycled magazine paper. Of course, if you want to make a costume as ambitious as this, you will have to work on it for a long time or have someone help you. Also, you will need to be fairly patient and be fairly adept with the craft. But it’s not about building a spaceship either. If you like it, you can do it, and even if you have enough patience, you can paint the wig.

The benefits of making costumes with recycled materials instead of buying them in any store are wide-ranging. On the one hand, it is obvious that we will cheaper. On the other hand, we contribute to the care and respect the environment through the reuse of materials. And, on the other hand, we will spend great moments next to our family or friends make the costume or look for ideas and solutions for it. And, isn’t it true that we are all much more excited to wear a costume that we made ourselves than one that we bought in a store? In addition, it is true that there is already a wide variety of costumes in the stores, but if you do it yourself, the options are endless and it always will be. unique, original and exclusive.

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