Palestine solar oven

A Palestinian living in Gaza you are helping your community overcome chronic energy shortages with self-made solar cookers. Life in the Gaza Strip is a daily challenge. Food shortages, unreliable electricity and a rapidly growing population are some of the big problems they face on a daily basis.

Daily struggles are aggravated by periodic episodes of war. Despite the harsh conditions, Gaza does not lack sunlight. Khaled Bashir, from Deir al Balah in the Gaza Strip, built a solar oven to exploit natural resources that even an Israeli blockade cannot disrupt.

Bashir has experience in the field of renewable energies. After graduating, he worked for the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture for many years and is now an employee of a building materials company. Although the construction industry in Gaza occupies Bashir, he manages to find time to develop renewable technologies so that he can help his community.

The Bashir solar oven cooks slowly but efficiently. “This oven is better than an electric or gas ovenBashir said. “Solar energy is used, which costs nothing, and is available in Gaza all year round. Solar cooking helps maintain the taste and quality of food and never burns because the sun is constantly moving“.

Inside the oven, temperatures can reach up to 284 degrees Fahrenheit. “You can do everything in this oven except tea and coffeeBashir said. Due to the efficiency of its oven, Bashir only needs one tank of cooking gas per year.

Bashir helped build 20 solar cookers mainly for use by his neighbors. Anyone interested in building their own solar cooker just needs to contact Bashir. “I am not doing this for my own benefit.Bashir said. “I want to see the young people of Gaza working with renewable energies. My house is open and I want to share my knowledge“.


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